So… who the heck am I, right?  An American gal in love with K-World.

I’d be happy to take requests and of course am always happy to hear from you… whomever you may be.  As I have never actually met another K-Drama addict in person, my love of these shows is largely contained through blogging, reviewing, and enjoying the blogs and reviews of others.

I started out as a normal K-Drama fan… but slowly inched into mania.  Now there are framed posters of dramas on the walls (Princess Man, Lucifer, Warrior Baek Dong Su, etc), an entire collection of South Korean starbucks mugs, integration of Korean phrases into my daily vernacular (it’s funny how many times I say “Omo!” or “mashittda”), gifs and photos saved on my phone, soundtracks filling my itunes, and of course… this ever expanding blog.

I tend to binge my k-dramas, knocking them out in a matter of days… this is often the effect….

Hallucinatory Effects of a K-Drama Marathon