Review – Who Are You: School 2015

Review – Who Are You:  School 2015

Oh, what to say, what to say?  It was… tolerable.  A story about a bullied girl who gets into an accident, loses her memory, gets mistaken for another girl, who also got into an accident, and gets to suddenly live a new life as a pampered rich girl at a fancier school.  It’s just one dumb plot device after another.  Secret twins!  Near Death Experiences!  Amnesia!  Imposters!  Generic Love Triangle!  It still managed to be slightly enjoyable though.  The cast was solid, the cruelty and kindness of teenagers adding drama to each episode.  But overall, I wouldn’t recommend it.  Watch School 2013.  It’s better.

Nam Joo-Hyuk proves he’s got leading male capabilities.  Kim So-Hyun beguiles us with her big eyes and expressive face.  And Yook Sung-Jae gets pushed to the side in the generic role of second male lead.  I really enjoy Yook Sung-Jae, but have yet to decide if he’s strong enough to pull off a lead in a drama of his own yet.  He’s a bit too idol for me, a bit too hammy, a bit too adorable.  Super adorable as a blonde.

Our second female lead, however, is amazing.  The bully.  The villain.  She’ll never want for work.  When she’s old enough, she can easily migrate into the “evil mom,” “evil boss,” and “evil ex” roles.  She delivered some blood curdling coldness.  Jo Soo-Hyang is amazing, but I’m not delusional enough to expect her in leading female roles… she’s lovely, but the beauty standards of South Korea are as strict as Hollywood’s.  And that’s a whole other post.

Overall Rating – 5/10.   Ridiculous Plot Devices & Attractive Teenagers.

Review – Duel

Review – Duel

You have to be in the mood for this type of drama.  It’s an action/thriller/mystery and it succeeds in each of those categories.  A middle aged cop with an adorable young daughter, dying of something-or-other, goes to extremes to save his child after she is kidnapped and held for ransom.  He tracks down a suspect – only to find himself face to face with two identical men.  Which of them is guilty of the crime?  Or are they co-conspirators?  He manages to arrest one… unfortunately, the one he captures has total amnesia, but swears up and down that he is innocent.  Add to this an alluringly ambitious prosecutor who means to get to the top if she has to chop everyone’s legs off to climb over them, and a young woman attempting to solve the mystery of her mother’s secret experiments… and you’ve got a winning drama.

Could there be a cooler opening sequence?  I just loved it!  The gothic piano, the chorus, the eery shots of handsome nudes morphing creepily into one another…

It’s one twist and turn after the other, with outstanding car chases, shoot-outs, evil big pharma companies, secret laboratories, and mafia.  Yang Se-Jong pulls double duty playing the twins – one malicious and deadly, the other baffled and determined to prove his innocence – and his face is quite mesmerizing in its ability to convey emotions.

But Kim Jung-Eun stole the show, in my opinion, as the gray-scale prosecutor… sailing smoothly between self-serving bitch to genuine pursuit of justice.  She was magnificent, complicated, and pretty much rocked my socks every time she was on screen.  You’ll love to hate her.

Overall Rating – 9/10.  No One With A Secret Laboratory Is Up To Any Good.