Korean Drama Ratings A-Z  (all dramas rated 8/10 and above are recommended)

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1% Of Something  (2016 version)- Overall Rating 9/10.  99% Adorable.

100 Days My Prince – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard. Read Short Review.

49 Days – Overall Rating 7/10.  Learning About Life Through Death & Depression.


title_lovetokillA Love to Kill – Overall Rating 7/10.  Misguided Revenge Leads To Melodrama.

About Time – Overall Rating 2/10. Childish And Cringey. Read Short Review.

Absolute Boyfriend – Overall Rating 4/10. A-List Actors Wasted on an Overly Long, Ultimately Silly Plot. Read Short Review.

Abyss– Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard. Read Short Review.

All About My Romance –  Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard.

All of Us Are Dead – Overall Rating 10/10. This is What We Mean When We Say Childhood Trauma May Affect Your Entire Life. Or… You Know… Destroy Humanity.

Angel Eyes – Overall Rating 10/10 – Organ Donors Are Confidential For A Reason. Read Review.

Angel’s Last Mission: Love – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard. Read Short Review.

Another Oh Hae Young – Overall Rating 6.5/10.  Mistaken Identity Leads to Mediocre Drama.  Read Review.

Arang and the Magistrate / Tale of Arang – Overall Rating 7/10.  Bad Wigs and Supernatural Mystery.

Are You Human Too? – Overall Rating 2/10. Free Frontal Lobe Lobotomy with Each Episode! Trust Us, You Won’t Need Your Brain For This One.

Arthdal Chronicles – 9/10. A Prehistoric Cautionary Tale of the Birth of Capitalism.

At a Distance, Spring is Green – Overall Rating 6/10. A Closeted BL Drama Trying to Convince Me It’s Straight.

Athena:  Goddess of War – Overall Rating 2/10.  Everything Explodes, Including Your Head.  Read Review.

Awaken – Overall Rating: 9/10. Secret Science Projects of the Wealthy Elite and Why to Fear Them. Read Review.

Bad Guy / Bad Boy– Overall Rating 8.5/10.  Skydiving and Wet Panties.  Psuedo-Review.

Bad Guys – Overall Rating – 8.5/10 – The Beasts of Seoul and How to Catch Them. Read Review.

Backstreet Rookie – Overall Rating: 8/10 – Ridiculously Attractive People Maintain Their Perfect Figures & Complexions While Working Blue Collar Jobs Selling Junk Food. Read Review.

Beautiful Mind – Overall Rating – 5/10 – The Plot Could Use Reconstructive Surgery.

Beauty Inside – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard. Read Short Review.

Because This Is My Life – Overall Rating – 8.5/10.  Demisexuals in Love. Read Review.

The Best Hit – Overall Rating – 7/10.   Yoon Si-Yoon Is Fun In Every Decade. Read Review.

Beyond Evil – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard. Read Short Review.

Big – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard.

Birth of a Beauty –  Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard.

Birth of the Rich –  Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard. blackknightthumb

Black – Overall Rating – 4/10.  The Afterlife Is Full Of Plot Holes. Read Review.

Black Knight – Overall Rating – 8/10.  Hell Hath No Fury Like A Witchy Woman Scorned.  Read Review.

Blade Man – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard.

Blood –  Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard.

Born Again – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard. Read Short Review.

Boys Over Flowers – Overall Rating 6/10.  Rich Teenagers Need Poor Teenagers to Become Decent Humans.

Bridal Mask / Gaksital – Overall Rating 9/10.  Political Perfection.  Read Review.

Bride of the Century – Overall Rating – 8/10 – You Can’t Trick a Ghost With a Doppelganger, But You Can Trick a Man.  Read Review.

Bride of the Water God – Overall Rating – 2/10.  Drowning in a Plate of Water. Read Review.

Bulgasal – Overall Rating – 9/10 – A beautiful disaster of a show that captivated the fandom. Read Review.


Cain & Abel – Overall Rating 8/10.  Read Review.

title_cityhallCan Love Become Money – na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard.

Can You Hear My Heart – 8.5/10.   Dumb People Are Happier In Life.  Read Review.

Cheer Up / Sassy Go Go – 8.5/10 – Bring It On, Elite Boarding School Style.  Read Review.

Cinderella & The Four Knights – Overall Rating – 8.5/10.  Prince Charming’s Castle Courtesy of Mass Studies Architecture.   Read Review.

Circle: Two Worlds – Overall Rating – 9/10.  Blue Worms Are Not Your Friends. Read Review.

City Hall – Overall Rating 8/10.  Political Giggles in the Countryside.

City Hunter – Overall Rating 7.5/10.  Nice Guys Suck At Revenge, also known as I Don’t Wanna, Dad!

Cheese in the Trap – Overall Rating – 9/10.  Sociopaths Make The Best Boyfriends.  Read Review.

Chicago Typewriter – Overall Rating – 8/10.  When Ghostwriters are Actual Ghosts. Read Review ChicagoTypewriter

Chuno – The Slave Hunters – Overall Rating 7/10.  A Tortured Soul Tortures Others… And It’s Epic And Sad.

Coffee PrinceOverall Rating 10/10.  COFFEE PRINCE + YOUR BRAIN = JOY.  Read Review.

Color Rush – Overall Rating: 8/10 – You’ll See Colors and Cannibals Everywhere. Read Review.

Come & Huge Me – Overall Rating: 8/10. Canoodling Despite Murderous Complications. Review.

Crash Landing Into You – Overall Rating 7/10. Canoodling Across the 38th Parallel.

Cross – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard.



Dali and the Cocky Prince – Overall Rating: 8/10. An Affordable Reproduction of a Romantic Masterpiece. Read Review.

Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim / Beautiful Gong Shim – Overall Rating – 10/10.  Maturity is Highly Over Rated.  Read Review.

Dear My Friends – Overall rating 8.5/10. Steel Magnolias of Korea.

Deep Rooted Tree – Overall Rating 7/10.  Hangul is Spelled 한글, also known as Support Staff Don’t Make History.

Defendant – Overall Rating – 4/10.  Guilty of Over Acting. Read Review.

Descendants of the Sun – Overall Rating – 7.5/10.  The Travel Brochure is Better Than The Vacation.  Read Review.

Devil Judge – Overall Rating – 10/10. Your Honor, We Find the Drama to be Gayer Than a Unicorn Covered in Rainbow Glitter. Read Review. 

Devilish Joy – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard. Read Short Review.

Discovery of Romance – Overall Rating – 5/10.  When The Heart Is Involved, Honestly Is Easier In Theory Than In Practice.   Read Review.

Dream High – Overall Rating 8/10.  Teenagers Pursue Fame In A School With No Heat.

Doctor Crush / Doctors – Overall Rating 6.5/10.  A Flatlined Medical Romance.  Read Review.

Doctor Prisoner – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard. Read Short Review. DrKkang

Doctor Stranger – Overall Rating – 8/10.  Pyongyang Medical School is Not For The Faint of Heart.  Read Review.

Dong Yi – Overall Rating 7/10.  The King Likes Me Better Than You.  Na-na-na-nah!

Don’t Look Back: The Legend of Orpheus / Shark – Overall Rating 10/10.  A Beautiful Aquarium of Love and Revenge.  Read Review.

Doom at Your Service – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard. Read Short Review.

Dr. Kkang – Overall Rating 10/10.  Gangsta of Love!  Read Review.

Duel – Overall Rating – 9/10.  No One With A Secret Laboratory Is Up To Any Good. Read Review.


title_empireEast of Eden – Overall Rating 2/10.  Baby Switching Has Never Been More Boring.

Emergency Couple – Overall Rating – 8/10.  Resuscitating a Relationship Requires Two Medical Degrees. Read Review.

The Empire of Gold – Overall Rating 9/10.  The Financial Game of Thrones.  Read Review.

Empress Ki – Overall Rating – 9/10.  To Be Needed Is To Be Loved.  Read Review.

Extracurricular – Rating 8/10.  Mild Mannered Pimps Always Get Screwed. Read Review.

Extra-Ordinary You – Overall Rating 8/10. A Happy Escape into a Romantic Dreamworld of Teenagers. Read Review.


Faith – Overall Rating 7.5/10.  Lee Min Ho Looks Cool With A Sword Even If He Doesn’t Know How To Use It.  Read Review.

Falling for Innocence / Falling in Love With Soon Jung – Overall Rating – 5/10.  Why Does Anyone Fall In Love With Soon Jung?  Read Review.

Fantastic – Overall Rating – 7/10.  Fantastic It Is Not.  Read Review.

Fated to Love You – Overall Rating 8.5/10.  A Rich Buffoon Falls For A Snail, And It’s Adorable.  Read Review.

Father is Strange – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard.

Fight My Way – Overall Rating – 8/10.  Mixed Martial Arts Means More Shirtless Men. Read Review.

Find Me In Your Memory – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard. Read Short Review.

Five Fingers – Overall Rating 5/10.  Sibling Rivalry In D Minor, Orchestrated By Evil Mom. MeTooFlower

Flower Boy Next Door – Overall Rating 7.5/10.  Super Cuteness with Questionable Filling.  Read Review.

Flower, I Am! / Me Too, Flower! – Overall Rating – 9/10 – Curing Depression With A 2 Billion Won Kiss. Read Review.

Flower of Evil – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard. Read Short Review.

Flowers for My Life – Overall Rating 7/10.  Undertaking a Campy RomCom.

For You in Full Blossom – Overall Rating 6/10.  Fangirl Goes Drag For Olympic Kangaroo.

Foxy Lady – Overall Rating 7/10.  Mishil Hooks Up With A Puppy.

Freeze – Overall Rating 2/10.  Someone Stake This Drama.

Full House – Overall Rating 8/10.  Falling In Love Via Cleaning.


A Gentleman’s Dignity –  Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard.

The Ghost – Overall Rating 8/10.  Hackers and Identity Theft.

Go Ho’s Starry Night – Overall Rating – 6/10.   Cute And Forgettable.  Read Review.

title_godsGod’s Gift: 14 Days – Overall rating 8/10.  A Time Traveling Thrill Ride of Murder, Deceit and Madness! Read Review.

The Good Detective – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard. Read Short Review.

Good Doctor – Overall Rating 7/10.  Autistic Savant Dr Saves Kids & Gets Yelled At.  Read Review.

Goong / Princess Hours – Overall Rating 6.5/10.  The Monarchy… When Living Is What You Do For A Living.  Read Review.

The Greatest Love – Overall Rating 10/10.  Greatest, Craziest Rom-Com of All Time.  Read Review.

Gu Family Book / Kangchi, the Beginning – Overall Rating 10/10.  Supernatural Tale Involving Magical Blue Lights and Colored Contact Lenses. Read Review. 

Guardian: The Lonely & Great God (aka Goblin)Overall Rating – 10/10.  Everyone Is Okay With Gong Yoo Living Forever.  Read Review.

Guardian – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard. Read Short Review.

The Guest – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard. Read Short Review.



He Is Psychometric – Overall Rating 8/10. An Average Tale of a Supernatural Ability. Read Review.

Healer – Overall Rating 10/10.  All the Best Parts of Every Comicbook Hero Story in One Drama.  Read Review.

Heart to Heart – Overall Rating 9/10 – Don’t Fall In Love With Your Shrink Unless You Are In A K-Drama.  Read Review.

Heartless CityOverall Rating 10/10.  Hookers and Drug Dealers Have Never Been Cooler.

The Heirs – Overall Rating 8/10.  Cinderalla Hangs Out with the 1%.  Read Review.

Hellbound. Overall Rating: 8/10. What If It’s All Meaningless? Read Review.

Hello, Me! – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard. Read Short Review.

High End Crush – Overall Rating 7/10.  Like Eating M&Ms Off The Floor, Still So Good But Ultimately You Prefer Your Sweets Straight Out Of the Bag.  Read Review.

High School – Love On – Overall Rating – na/10.  Like A Piece of Gum, Started Out Sweet But Quickly Lost Its Flavor.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard. Hwang

Hotel Del Luna – Overall Rating – 6.5/10. Despite the Strong Cast, I Wanted to Check Out.

Hwarang – Overall Rating – 8/10.  Lots & Lots Of Handsome Young Men… In A Good Historical Drama (need we say more?).  Read Review.

Hwayugi / A Korean Odyssey – Overall Rating – 8/10.  Modern Deities Wearing Funky Fur Coats.  Read Review.

Hyde, Jekyll, & I – Overall Rating – 6/10.  Bizarre, Sorta Awful, & Yet Sorta Fun Too.


I Am Sorry, I Love You – Overall Rating 9.5/10.  Koreans Not Raised in Korea Are Screwed.

I Have a Lover – Overall Rating – 4/10.  A Few Quality Episodes Baked Into a 50 Episode Inedible Cake.  Read Review.

I Hear Your Voice – Overall Rating 6.5/10.  Telepathy Powers Wasted In A Courtroom.

I Miss You – Overall Rating 5/10.  I Missed The Plot.  Read Review. Irememberyou1

In Need of Romance 3 – Overall Rating – 4/10.  French Kissing Does Not Make Up For Bad Writing. Read Review.

I Remember You / Hello Monster – Overall Rating – 10/10.  Monsters Make Their Own Families. Read Review.

I’ll Go When the Weather is Nice – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard. Read Short Review.

I’m Not A Robot – Overall Rating:  7.5/10.  Sticky Sweet.  Read Review.

Incomplete Life – Overall Rating – 10/10.  Work – It’s The Real Drama.  Read Review.

Innocent Man / Nice Guy – Overall Rating 8/10.  I Will Not Smile – Ever. title_nice

Into the Ring – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard. Read Short Review.

Iris – Overall Rating 1/10.  Blackholes Now Have a Rival.  Read Review.

Itaewon Class – Overall Rating: 8.5/10. Feel-Good Capitalist Propaganda. Read Review.

It’s Okay, That’s Love – Overall Rating 8.5/10.  Crazy People Need Love Too.

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay – Overall Rating 8/10. What Happens When South Koreans Listen to Billie Eilish “Bury a Friend” While Writing Dramas.


Jealousy Incarnate – Overall Rating 7/10.  Two Boyfriends Are Better Than One.  Read Review.

Jugglers – Overall Rating – 6.5/10.  Goofy Men in Power and the High Heeled Women Who Take Care of Their Messes.  Read Review.

Just Between Lovers / Rain or Shine – Overall Rating – 10/10.  A Story of Love Built Over Ruins. Read Review.


title_kingThe K2Overall Rating – 10/10.  Super Wook For Sixteen Hours.  YES, SWEET JESUS, YES!  Read Review.

Kill It – Overall Rating 6/10. It’s Impossible to Hate an Assassin Who Snuggles Kittens. Read Review.

Kill Me, Heal Me – Overall Rating 8/10.  Why Love One Guy When You Can Love Five?   Read Review.

The King: Eternal Monarch – Overall Rating 7/10.  A Messy Soup of Fantasy and Monarchy.

King 2 Hearts – Overall Rating 9/10.  A Fairy Tale Romance With North Korean Cuteness.  Who Knew? Read Review.

Kingdom – Overall Rating 7/10. Historical Zombie Apocalypse Sounds Cooler Than it Actually Is (Just Watch Train to Busan).

Kingdom of the Winds – Overall Rating 6.5/10.  An Echo Chamber of Worn Cliches.  Read Review.

Kiss Goblin – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard. Read Short Review.


Last Empress –  Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard.

Last Scandal of My Life – Overall Rating 8/10.  An Ode to Housewives.  Read Review.

Legend of the Blue Sea – Overall Rating – 5/10.  A Can Of Anchovies When You Ordered Fresh Salmon.  Read Review.

Less Than Evil – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard. Read Short Review.

Let’s Eat – Overall Rating – 8.5/10.  Unique Characters To Be Savored.  Read Review. LiveKdrama

Liar Game – Overall Rating – 10/10.  Manipulation Is A Group Sport! Read Review.

Lie to Me – Overall Rating 6/10.  Throw Away Drama with Great Smooches.  Read Review.

Live – Overall Rating – 9/10.  Code Zero.  Code Zero.  All Units Respond.  Quality K-Drama Alert.  Last Call.  Read Review.

Live Up To Your Name – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard. Read Short Review.

Lookout / The Guardian – Overall Rating – 6/10.  The Hackers Stole The Show… But Not My Heart. Read Review.

Love Alarm – Overall Rating – 6/10 – Silly Dating Apps and a Standard Love Triangle. Read Review.

Love Rain – Overall Rating 7/10.  Poor Romantic Decision Making Is Hereditary. title_lucifer

Love in the Moonlight – Overall Rating 8/10.  Like A Fluffy Bunny, Pretty Worthless But Oh So Cute!  Read Review.

L.U.C.A. The Beginning – Overall Rating – 8/10. The Korean Peninsula of Doctor Moreau. Read Review.

Lucifer / The Devil – Overall Rating 10/10.  Where the Good Guy is Bad and the Bad Guy is Bad too.  Read Review.


M – Overall Rating 1/10.  Weird But Would Approve Of Modern Remake.

Mad Dog – Overall Rating – 9/10.  Using White Collar Crime to Catch Criminals. Read Review.

Mad for Each Other – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard. Read Short Review.

Madame Antoine – Overall Rating na/10. Abandoned.

Man From The Equator – Overall Rating 4/10.  Not Recommended for Tourists.  Read Review.

Man Living at My House / Sweet Stranger & Me – Overall Rating – 7/10.  Kneading Dough… Better Than Crossfit For Upper Body Strength.Read Review.  

Mary Stayed Out All Night – Overall Rating 6.5/10.  Love Triangle Involving People With Beautiful Hair.  Read Review.

Man to Man – Overall Rating – 9/10 – Undercover Romantic Tactics Will Be Used. Read Review.

The Man Who Can’t Get Married – Overall Rating 6/10.  No One Will Question Why You Are Single.  Still. MarriageNotDating

Marriage Not Dating – Overall Rating 8/10.  Korean Febreeze, Fresh As Spring And Just As Fleeting.  Read Review.

Mask – Overall Rating – 9/10.  Mr. Sinister Serves Up Some Moody, Broody Blackmail to a Doppelganger.  Read Review.

Master’s SunOverall Rating 10/10.  Ghosts Have No Manners.  Read Review.

Melting Me Softly – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard. Read Short Review.

Memories of the Alhambra – Overall Rating 4/10. An Unmemorable Drama.

Mirror of the Witch – Overall Rating – 6/10 – Despite Cuteness, Couldn’t Cast A Spell.

Missing Nine –  Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard.

Money Flower – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard.

title_mygirlMonstar – Overall Rating 8/10.  Pop-Tastic!

Moon Embracing the Sun – Overall Rating 8/10.  Shamans, Like All Religious Figures, Remain Largely Unimpressive In Supernatural Skills.

Mouse – Overall Rating – 10/10. The Less You Know Going In, The More This Show Will Fuck You Up (in a good way, I promise). Read Review.

Move to Heaven – Overall Rating – 10/10. – Learning to Live a Better Life by Cleaning Up After the Dead. Read Review.

Mr. Queen – Overall Rating – 9/10.  Discovering Your Bisexuality Through Time Travel and Body Swapping. Read Review.

Mr. Sunshine – Overall Rating 7.5/10. What’s the English Word for Lack of Romantic Chemistry?

My Beautiful Bride – Overall Rating 8/10.  What Happens When Your Fiance Falls Into A Dark Rabbit Hole And You Go Chasing After. Read Review.

My Country: The New Age – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard. Read Short Review.

My Girl – Overall Rating 8.5/10.  Compulsive Lying Has Never Been Cuter.

My Love From Another Star – Overall Rating 8/10.   Prime Directive:  Do Not Interfere with Development of Alien Civilizations.  Read Review.

My Lovely Sam Soon – Overall Rating 7/10.  Like Squid or Haggis, When You’re in the Mood There is Nothing Better.  When You’re Not, Avoid at All Costs. MyMister1

My Mister – Overall Rating – 9.5/10.  Being Jealous of a Close Knit Community of Alcoholics for 16 Episodes. Read Review.

My Name – Overall Rating: 9/10. Pretending a Snowflake Can Cause You Physical Damage for 8 Hours Straight. Read Review.

My Shy Boss – Overall Rating 3/10.  Interesting Protagonist With Anxiety Disorder Could Not Save This Cliche Clumsy Mess Of A Show.

My Strange Hero – Overall Rating (probably 7/10 but ultimately did not finish for reasons mentioned in review).  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard. Read Short Review.

My Sweet Seoul – Overall Rating 6.5/10.  My Dating History Has A Split-Personality.

My Wife’s Having an Affair This Week / Listen to Love – Overall Rating 6.5/10.  Tuna Mayo Gets Her Happy Ending Via a Shotgun & a Hot French Dude.  Read Review.

Mystic Pop Up Bar – Overall Rating 2/10. A Great Cast Wasted on a Weak Plotline with Amateur Humor.


Nevertheless – Overall Rating – 4/10 (side couples story lines 9/10). Worth it for the Side Couples. Read Review. NobodyKnows1

Nightmare High/Nightmare Teacher – Overall Rating – 7.5/10.  What Happens To Nightmares When We Wake Up?  Read Review.

Nobody Knows – Overall Rating – 10/10. A Modern Noir Masterpiece. Read Review.


Oh My Ghostess – Overall Rating – 8/10.  Don’t Die A Virgin In Korea.  Read Review.

Oh My Venus Overall Rating 8.5/10.  Giant Piece of Cake with Zero Calories and It Tastes Sooo Good.  Read Review.

On The Way To The Airport – Overall Rating – 7/10.  Check Your Baggage, People.  Read Review.

Orange Marmalade – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard.


title_padamPadam PadamOverall Rating 9/10.  Watching People Cry Has Never Been More Cringe Yet Also Amazing.

Painter of the Wind – Overall Rating 2/10.  Fail!  Should Have Been Gay Romance. Read Review.

Pasta – Overall Rating 6/10.  Did Not Follow Printed Directions, Drama Undercooked.

The Penthouse – Overall Rating – 9/10. Setting off Fireworks Inside a Panic Room & other Bad Decisions with Colorful, Dangerous Results. Read Review.

Personal Taste – Overall Rating – 8/10.  A Prudish Virgin Finally Gets Laid.  Read Review.

Pinocchio – Overall Rating – 10/10.  Do Reporters Go To Heaven or Hell? Read Review.

Please Come Back, Mister – na/10. Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard.

title_protetcPrincess’ ManOverall Rating 9.5/10.  Sweepingly Romantic Revenge Drama.

Private Lives – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard. Read Short Review.

Prosecutor Princess – Overall Rating 7/10.  The Korean Legally Blonde.

Protect the Boss – Overall Rating 8/10.  Hit Me Again.  Read Review.

Psychopath Diary – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard. Read Short Review.

Puck! – Overall Rating 8/10.  Loan Sharks on Ice.  Read Review.


title_queenQue Sera Sera – Overall Rating 9/10.  Oddly Compelling Drama About Odd People.

Queen for Seven Days – Overall Rating – 8.5/10 – If There Is A Prophesy Dooming Your Relationship… You Might Wanna Reconsider Your Choices. Read Review.

Queen In Hyun’s Man – Overall Rating – 9/10.  Dear God, Let Me Be Reincarnated As Yoo In-A In My Next Life.  Read Review.

Queen Seon Duk / The Great Queen Seondeok – Overall Rating 10/10.  Historical Masterpiece, also known as Bidam Kicks Ass.  Read Review.


Radio Romance – Overall Rating:  8.5/10.  Tune In To This Adorable Romance.  Read Review.

Rain or Shine / Just Between Lovers – Overall Rating – 10/10.  A Story of Love Built Over Ruins. Read Review.

Rebel: The Thief Who Stole The People – Overall Rating – 7/10.  Did Not Steal My Heart, Despite Awesome Cast.

Red Sleeve – Overall Rating – 7/10.  Is it true love if you never confess it? Read Review.

Remember – Overall Rating – 10/10.  The Truth Does Not Speak For Itself.  Read Review.

Reply 1997 – Overall Rating 9/10.  The Korean Wonder Years.

title_resResurrection / Rebirth – Overall Rating 8/10.  Stanley Kubrick’s Ghost Makes Directorial Debut.  Read Review.

Return of Iljimae – Overall Rating 3/10.  Kitchy Clumbsy Childish Adventure Featuring A Pretty, Pretty Man.

Reunited Worlds – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard.

Revolutionary Love – Overall Rating – 7/10.  Rich Goofball Learns To Use A Toilet Plunger. Read Review.

Romance is a Bonus Book – Overall Rating 9/10. Love & Book Publishing, a Perfect Union.

Rooftop Prince – Overall Rating 5/10.  Time Traveling Makes You Retarded.

Ruler: Master of the Mask – na/10. Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard.

Ruler of Your Own World – Overall Rating 6.5/10.  Indie Roadkill Romance.  Read Review.

Run On. Overall Rating: 7/10. Getting Your Footing in Life is Easier When You’re Hot. Read Review.



Save Me – Overall Rating – 9/10.  Getting To New Heaven Is Hell On Earth. Read Review.

Scarlet Heart Ryeo – Overall Rating 5/10.  Princes Play for the Throne Until Halftime, Then Get Lost on the Field.  Read Review.

Scholar Who Walks the Night – Overall Rating 8/10.  The Joseon Era Dark Shadows.  Read Review.

Secret – Overall Rating – 8/10.  Being Responsible For Your Own Messed Up Life Is Ample Melodrama, Don’t Add Someone Else’s. Read Review.

Secret GardenOverall Rating 8/10.  A How-To Guide to Stalking.  Psuedo-Review.

School 2013 – Overall Rating 8/10.  Korean Highschools Are Startling Similiar to American Highschools.

School 2017 – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard. Read Short Review.

School Nurse Files – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard. Read Short Review.

Secret Love Affair – Overall Rating – 8/10.  A Major Musical Seduction and a Minor Romance in B Flat.  Read Review.

Sensory Couple – Overall Rating – 7/10.  Numb Cop Falls For Freakish Scent Seeing Girl While Solving Crimes.  Read Review.

Shark / Don’t Look Back: The Legend of Orpheus – Overall Rating 10/10.  A Beautiful Aquarium of Love and Revenge.  Read Review.

She Was Pretty – Overall Rating – 7.5/10.  A Flat Iron Transforms Yet Another Ugly Duckling Into A Swan.  Read Review.

title_shutShining Inheritance – Overall Rating 8/10.  Classic K-Fairy Tale.  Read Review.

Shopping King Louis – Overall Rating 10/10.  It’s A Hug You Give Yourself.  Read Review.

Shut Up Let’s GoOverall Rating 10/10.  Boys Look Better With Eyeliner.

Sisyphus – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard. Read Short Review.

Six Flying Dragons – Overall Rating – 10/10.  The View Is Only Better From the Moral High Ground If You Don’t Look Down. Read Review.

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes – Overall Rating – 7/10. So Close! Yet Ultimately a Dreary Melodrama Without the Gut Punches Needed to Succeed in the Genre.

The Snow Queen – Overall Rating 8/10.  You Can Be A Bitch If You’re Dying, also known as Hyun Bin Looks Like a Black Lab.  Read Review. spymyung

Spy Myung Wol – Overall Rating – 9/10.  The Drama Between North & South Korea Is Nothing Compared To The Drama Between Men & Women.  Read Review.

Squid Game. Overall Rating: 9/10. The Korean Drama That Hooked American Viewers by Using Cliffhanger Bait. Read Review.

Start Up – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard. Read Short Review.

Story of a Man / Slingshot – Overall Rating 9/10.  Korean Prisons Are Scarier Than Incestual Geniuses.

Stranger – Overall Rating – 6.5/10 – Don’t Have Private Conversations In Rooms With Open Windows. Read Review.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon – Overall Rating 10/10.  Saved the Day in Every Way! Read Review.  

Sungkyunkwan Scandal – Overall Rating 10/10.  Nerds in Love.  Read Review.

Suspicious Partner – Overall Rating – 4/10.  Ji Chang-Wook’s Star Power Can Not Survive In Black Holes.  Read Review.

Sweet Home – Overall Rating 10/10.  The Horror of Human Desires.



Tale of the Nine-Tailed – Overall Rating 6/10. A Bland Modern Myth Attempting to Cash In on the Dying Embers of Love We All Had for  Goblin.

Tamra, the Island – Overall Rating 8/10.  Prepare To Cringe If English Is Your First Language, also known as So Bad It’s Actually Pretty Good.

Taxi Driver – Overall Rating: 10/10. Deluxe Taxi Service Includes Stylish Revenge. Read Review.

Tell Me What You Saw – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard. Read Short Review.

Temperature of Love – Overall Rating – 7/10.  Too Much Milk In The Coffee, Not Enough Food On The Plate. Read Review.

Tempted / The Great Seducer – Overall Rating – 7.5/10.  Basically a Few Episodes of Gossip Girl, K-Style.   Read Review.

Thank You – Overall Rating – 7/10.  Small Town Life is Highly Contagious, Take Precautions. Read Review.

That Winter, The Wind Blows – Overall Rating 8/10.  No One Is Blind To Zu In-Chung’s Charms. tomorrows2

The Time Between Dog & Wolf Overall Rating 9/10.  Koreans Discover Guns – Take Cover!

The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days – Overall Rating 6/10.  Repetitive & Disappointing.

Time – Overall Rating – 8/10. A Melodramatic Masterpiece That Died Before The Finish Line. Read Review.

Tomorrow’s Cantabile / Naeil’s Cantabile – 8.5/10.  Brainwashed Into Loving Classical Music Through Adorable Characters.  Read Review.

Train – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard. Read Short Review.

True Beauty – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard. Read Short Review.

Twenty Again – Overall Rating 8/10.  There’s No Planned Parenthood in K-World.  Read Review.

Two Cops – Overall Rating – 9/10.  Two Souls and One Hot Body. Read Review.

Two WeeksOverall Rating 9/10.  Daddy Really Fucked Up.


Uncanny Counter – Overall Rating:  8/10. The Fights! The Feels! Strap In For Another Edition of South Korean Creates More Interesting Superhero Shows Than America!

Uncontrollably Fond – Overall Rating:  8/10.  Broken Hearts Are Easier To Mend Than Broken Families.  Read Review.


Vagabond – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard. Read Short Review.

Vampire Prosecutor – Overall Rating:  9/10.  The Coolest Vampire In Korea.

Vincenzo – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned in the K-Drama Graveyard. Read Short Review.


W – Two Worlds – Overall Rating:  8/10.  Creator’s Creation Creates Tongue-Twisting Time-Warping Totally Fun Show.  Read Review.

Warrior Baek Dong Su – Overall Rating 8/10.  Never Underestimate A Drunk Ninja.  Read Review.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo Overall Rating 10/10.  Bottled Sunshine.

title_baliWhat Happened in Bali Overall Rating 10/10.   I’d Tell You What Happened But You Should Really Find Out For Yourself.  Read Review.

What’s Up – Overall Rating 8/10.  Pop-Tastic.

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? – Overall Rating 3/10. Why Eat Imitation Crab When You’re Staying By the Sea? (in other words, a dozen other dramas do this story better) Read Short Review.

When A Man Loves – Overall Rating – 9/10.   One Person’s Love Is Not Enough To Carry Two Hearts. Read Review.

When the Camellia Blooms – Overall Rating – 7.5/10. Cranky Locals Learn to Love the Town Outcast. Read Review. 

Where Your Eyes Linger – Overall Rating: 8/10. A Rainbow Sprinkle Romance. Read Review.

While You Were Sleeping – Overall Rating 10/10.  Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This.  Read Review. 

White Christmas – Overall Rating 10/10.  REDRUM!  REDRUM!!!  Read Review.

Who Are You?  (2013) – Overall Rating 7.5/10.  A Simple, Fun Supernatural Romance.  Read Review.

Who Are You:  School 2015 – Overall Rating – 5/10.   Ridiculous Plot Devices & Attractive Teenagers. Read Review.

Wild Romance – Overall Rating 8.5/10 – A Homerun. WildRomance1

Will It Snow for Christmas?Overall Rating 10/10.  You Must Have Been Really Bad Then Really Good, Cause Santa Delivered Emotional Devastation & Heart Exploding Romance.  Read Review.

Winter Sonata – Overall Rating 8/10.  Turtlenecks and Memory Loss.

Witch’s Court – Overall Rating na/10.  Abandoned to the K-Drama Graveyard.

Which Star Are You From?  – Overall Rating – 9/10.  Lolita of the Back Woods. Read Review.

Whisper – Overall Rating 8/10 – Being Bad Can Be So Freakin’ Easy. Read Review.

Woman of 9.9 Billion – Overall Rating 9.5/10 – There are no guarantees with people or money. Read Review.

World’s Within – Overall Rating 7/10.  Don’t Look Behind the Curtain, Dorothy!




You Are All Surrounded – Overall Rating – 6/10.  Exactly The Percentage of Entertainment Provided.  Read Review.

You’re BeautifulOverall Rating 9/10.  Being Jealous of Jang Keun-Suk’s Hair for Sixteen Hours.  Read Review.

You Make Me Dance – Overall Rating 8/10. Surprisingly cute BL story about a ballet dancer and a loan shark.

Young Pal / The Gang Doctor – Overall Rating – 6.5/10.  Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.  Read Review.