Review – God’s Gift: 14 Days

Review – God’s Gift: 14 Days

I don’t write lengthy reviews on mysteries… unless they suck and I feel like ruining it for everyone.  This mystery did not suck.  Au contraire!  It was very good indeed, so I shall keep this post short and sweet.  The plot of this series is as follows:  A serial killer kidnaps the daughter of a highly influential married couple.  They discover the child’s dead body shortly after.  Devastated by this loss, the mother proceeds to kill herself… only to find she has gone back in time two weeks and given a second chance to save her daughter.  She has not come back in time alone, however.  A two-bit gangster has also crossed time.  As the mother and gangster unite to solve the crime before it happens – they discover their own lives are interconnected through dark events of the past.  Murders, madhouses, pill popping pop icons, conspiracies, police corruption, adultery and more surface as the fate of the young daughter hangs in the balance.

This drama started out with a BANG and kept going strong for about 12 episodes before it started to taper off a bit, though not enough to warrant complaint.  The complicated web of deceit was nicely drawn out and slowly revealed, with the answer to one mystery posing a question for a new one.  There were some stellar performances from the large ensemble cast, with a special ticker-tape parade to Cho Seung Woo (who played the x-cop turned gangster) and Baro (who played the mentally handicapped adopted nephew of the gangster).  This drama was a tense and suspenseful thrill ride with excellent production value.  Most highly recommended thriller.  The only reason I do not give it a higher rating is that I don’t believe this drama has a high re-watch factor, which I believe is essential.

Overall Rating:  8/10

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