The Graveyard

The Graveyard… land of abandoned dramas.


In life, there are dramas that are bad.   Sometimes they start badly, sometimes they end badly.  You patiently wait, hoping something will salvage them.  You maybe fast forward a little.  You do the dishes.  You suffer through.  Somehow, you make it to the end of the series and think “Horrid.”  Then you give it a low rating and move on.

This is not the place for those dramas.

This is for the place for unwatchable dramas.  The ones you turned off after one, maybe two or three episodes.  The ones that immediately kicked your gag reflex into gear and demanded to be expelled.  Or the ones you actually watched for several hours before realizing you were not invested at all.  It’s all a matter of personal taste.  Sometimes you’re alone in with the sick, sometimes everyone else is clamoring to make it to the restroom in time with you.  Sometimes you can put your finger on why, but most of the time you don’t even want to give it that much thought.  You want the experience to be over as quickly as possible and scrubbed from your brain.

This is a list of dramas I abandoned.  Avert Your Eyes!

ALL ABOUT MY ROMANCE.  Sigh.  I tried.  11 episodes before just chucking it.  The couple just didn’t work for me… nor did the story line.

BIG.  As much as I loooooove Gong Yoo and the Hong Sisters, I couldn’t make it through this creepster show about a woman & her student falling in love.  Sure, it was complicated and he was in Gong Yoo’s body and it would be hard to resist… but gross.  Ethics, people.

BIRTH OF A BEAUTY.  What?  Oh my God, seriously, what is this show?  Beside awful, that is.

BIRTH OF THE RICH.  This show was a disaster.  And I still watched half of it before turning it off in a fit of rage and annoyance.

BLADE MAN.  I wanted so much to love you!  You were so strange and fun… the elements were there but the execution was drunk.   Bailed after six eps.

BLOOD.  Made it two eps… desperately wanted to like it, failed horribly.

CAN LOVE BECOME MONEY.  My eyes loooooove Yun Jung Hoon, so much so they forced me to watch almost ten episodes of this rather pitiful drama.

CROSS.  Ko Gyung-Po is the Keanu Reeves of Korea…. I adore him, but I just couldn’t take him seriously as a medical genius.  One episode was enough for me.

A GENTLEMAN’S DIGNITY.  Ugh.  Why is this drama so popular?  I pretty much hated all the characters.  No wonder these dudes were single, eh?

FATHER IS STRANGE – excellent drama, I could tell… but the pace was just toooooo slow for me.  I tried.  Repeatedly.  But the leisurely “day time drama” feeling was too much for me to overcome.

HIGH SCHOOL – LOVE ON.  What a cute little piece of fluff!  If they’d actually scraped this show down by 10 episodes and shaped it up a bit, it could have been really good.  As it was, it was basically a cheesy manga come to life…. where nothing much happens with an Angel in high school.

THE LAST EMPRESS. I made it to the scene in ep 2 where an angry Emperor decides to put on an outfit best suited to an elderly woman visiting Vegas, jumps into a gigantic, pimped out gold truck and heads to a bar where he dons a Phantom of the Opera mask. I just… no… I just can’t.

Shin Sung-Rok, they’ve done you wrong!

MADAME ANTOINE.  Did not finish first episode.  Sung Joon could not save it… he was part of the problem.

MISSING NINE.  The concept intrigued me.  I loved the show LOST, after all, and there’s nothing more exciting than “stranded on an island” plotline.  But I barely managed to make it through the second episode.

MONEY FLOWER.  I adore a revenge drama, but somehow could not get into this one.

MY SECRET ROMANCE.  Sigh.  Just a lazy concoction of tired plot devices and questionable acting.  I may try again with it later… but probably not.

ORANGE MARMALADE.  Couldn’t finish first episode, even with my love of vampires.  Reminds me too much of modern anime… half expected emoji’s to float around their heads.

PLEASE COME BACK, MISTER.  Finished four episodes.  I love the premise!  The actors are awesome.  But for some reason, I just didn’t connect with this show.

PRIDE AND PREJUDICE.  Despite the killer cast, including Choi Min-Soo, I was just not intrigued by following this particular batch of prosecutors around for 16 hours.

REPLY 1994.  When the cast of Reply 1997 made a cameo at the end of Ep 16, I knew I had to give up on this show entirely.  I spent sixteen episodes wishing this show were Reply 1997… which was awesome… instead of this mess.  Even after 16 eps, I don’t care what happens.  I’ll never finish it.

REUNITED WORLDS.  Intriguing hints of mystery and the supernatural pepper this otherwise overly saccharine drama that is far too long… 10 episodes felt like an eternity… realizing there were 40 total, I jumped ship.

RULER:  MASTER OF THE MASK.  Made it through 12 of these “mini” eps before giving up on the beautiful face of Yoo Seung Hoo… just too slow and uninspired for my taste.

TOMORROW WITH YOU.  Jesus.  I really wanted to finish this drama… I even reviewed the episodes I did manage to watch… but I know I’ll never go back.  I honestly don’t care what happens to any of the characters.  The plot is boring.

TROT LOVERS.  I made it through ten episodes before I realized I didn’t care.  Great cast, but the plotline is lacking.

WITCH’S COURT.  Hated it.

WITCH’S ROMANCE.  Super sexy male lead does not make up for the general blah of this drama…. I don’t know… I just don’t really like noona romances very much.  Great smooching scenes, though… still couldn’t finish it.