Review – Temperature of Love (is lukewarm)

Review – Temperature of Love (is lukewarm)

So, this is one of those dramas that’s basically your friend from high school who always dominated conversations, drank expensive coffees, and thought they were the first ones who ever figured out anything.  Usually they just babbled about something everyone already knows instinctively, but acted like they alone were privy to such spectacular insights into humanity.  A bit smug, a bit self-righteous, a bit annoying but you still called them your friend cause overall, they were basically harmless.  A perfect example of this:  In the show, our lead female has found a small flowering weed growing out of a brick wall… and turns this into a meditation on strength and tenacity… and our two leading men are blown away by this, as if this obvious metaphor were profound and they can’t help but love a women with such wisdom!  Ugh.

…the majority of the show is like this… two people sort of blank faced and brooding over very little… a LOT of talking about their feelings… a thousand cups of coffee

Temperature of Love is a character study on young professionals, their ambitions and dreams, and the various interpersonal hang ups they have that keep them at a distance or bring them closer to other people.  No one in this show is that remarkable.  They are all hard working and dedicated to their careers.  They all understand that talent only gets you so far, it’s the hours behind it that push you ahead.  We have three main characters, the young CEO who lives in his head, the young chef who expresses himself more with creatively arranged garnishes than with words, and the young drama script writer who did nothing to make herself unlikable but I still couldn’t bring myself to like her.  These three are our love triangle, though honestly the story is just about the chef and the script writer, who are about a decade apart in age and spend a lot of time breaking up and getting back together.  I kept listening to their stories because they wouldn’t shut up and I was mildly curious… but the quirky side characters were far more captivating.  The bitchy rival screenwriter who was preposterously self aware and unbelievable, but I still loved – the goofy side kick friend and her bumbling romance with the director – the selfish, beautiful mom who had more personality than… well… everyone in the show, honestly.  The side characters were solid.

…dang… Korean MILF

This show reminded me of Another Oh Hae Young.  Same leading lady.  Same sort of low key overdrama.  Same overall effect of “eh” when all was said and done.  In this drama, they tried really hard to convince us romantic things were happening with lots of voice overs (of deep thoughts in the shallow pool) and when our couple would embrace, suddenly the show would drop into black and white… which was fitting, as their relationship was not colorful or inspiring.  I watched it feeling happy I was single.  I had serious second lead syndrome the entire show, but just like in the drama Mary Stayed Out All Night, I didn’t want our leading lady to end up with the second lead male cause I didn’t think she deserved him.  He was far too awesome for her.

Anyways, I didn’t hate it.  I didn’t love it.  It’s somewhere inbetween.  All the kissing and cuddling would have been more enjoyable if I enjoyed the lead couple more, I think.  You might love them… so who knows… this drama may rock your socks.

Overall Rating – 7/10.  Too Much Milk In The Coffee, Not Enough Food On The Plate.

Review – Kingdom of the Winds

Review – Kingdom of the Winds

How epic is this cover image, am I right?  Well, don’t be fooled…. cause this drama doesn’t live up to its own glorious press.  I might have enjoyed it more if I had watched it when it originally came out – before bigger, better, more impressive historical sagas came out and destroyed all contenders.  Maybe this drama helped pave the road for the big budget beauties I so adore, but I still can’t hep but feel underwhelmed.

It’s basically about this prince whose life was ruined on the day he was born after a shamen said that the heavens cursed him – doomed to kill his parents, his siblings, his own children, and destroy his country.  Yup.  All that.  It was enough for his daddy, the King, to seriously consider stabbing his own infant son – but instead he sends him away and tells the nation he died.  Well, our young prince grows up.  Goes through a series of misadventures.  And basically proves he’s immortal – cause the man escapes death a billion times, it’s ridiculous.  He falls in love with this blank faced medic, who just happens to be a princess (conveniently allowed to leave the palace, wear commoners clothes, and be unattended by guards… wtf?  Since when does that happen?).  He’s got a dorky side kick.  He’s got a rival for his love interest.  He’s got a bunch of political schemes and hurdles to leap over before he can jump on his rightful throne.  The bad guys aren’t terribly malicious or cruel, the schemers don’t seem too troubled when their plans are constantly thwarted, the action never makes you wonder who will survive and whose heart and soul will break in the process.  And even with the tragic ending (was it though?), it still felt like a mediocre historical adventure through cliches and tired story lines.

This is our leading ladies’ expression about 90% of the show… blank, bewildered and beautiful… for someone so interesting, with her regal past and medical interests… she was so boring. But it’s not just her. They all were.

Where are the grand ambitions?  Where are the personal faults and self destructive tendencies of our heroes?  Where are the clash of wills, the grand romances, the small moments of humor and heart?  Well… scattered to the wind, apparently.

I had a lot of time to kill, so I watched it all.  Every stinking episode.  I confess I napped quite frequently and didn’t seem to miss a thing.  There are better sageuks.  Far better.

Overall Rating – 6.5/10.  An Echo Chamber of Worn Cliches.

Special shout out to Kim Sang-Ho – who played a devious, funny merchant.  I got him.  His character made sense – his ambitions, his life, his personality – there were no question marks around his motivations.

There’s Something About Mary… Review – Mary Stayed Out All Night

There’s Something About Mary… Review – Mary Stayed Out All Night


This drama has a lot going for it.  Two incredibly attractive men vying for the affection of one ridiculous girl.  Check!  Indie rock music.  Check!  Behind the scenes of the business end of making dramas.  Check!  A hysterical disaster-inducing father.  Check! Funny friends.  Check, Check!  Lots of piggy back rides and wrist grabbing… just tick off every box for “YES.”  It has all the basics.

And basic is what you get.

A mildly enjoyable romantic drama.


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Second Time is the Charm! Reviews – Bad Guy & Secret Garden

Second Time is the Charm! Reviews – Bad Guy & Secret Garden


Some shows just ran through me the first time, like an uncomfortable evening after eating bad sushi.  Two shows in particular – Bad Guy and Secret Garden – pissed me off in almost every episode.  I fast-forwarded through large chunks the first round.  I couldn’t get over the ridiculously flawed plot line of Bad Guy and I couldn’t stomach the douche-bag persona of the male lead in Secret Garden.  Most people agreed with my initial response to Bad Guy.  And most people disagreed with my first impression of Secret Garden.

Then I watched them again.  I had too. I couldn’t stop thinking about them.  I felt I had missed something.  I wanted to see a few key scenes again.  I liked the music from Bad Guy.  I liked the female leads muscular legs in Secret Garden.  So, I popped in the DVDs and gave them both a second shot.

Seriously – how cool is she?  Definitely deserves a second viewing… and third… and…

And like magic – both shows revealed a whole new side to me.  It was like finding out you’re not, in fact, allergic to gluten and enjoying a pizza after fifteen years of abstinence.  What kind fate to bring us back together for such a happy reunion!

Let us explore Bad Guy & Secret Garden with our new rose-colored glasses, shall we?


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Review – Who Are You (2013)

Review – Who Are You (2013)

So simple.  So small.  So satisfying.  This drama knows its place in the middle, making itself the “just right” cozy bed for Goldie Locks.  It’s a compact little cupcake of a mystery-romance with a low-calorie supernatural sugar coating.  It’s not enough to make a meal of.  It’s just a tasty little treat.

Like a paper back romance you take to the beach with the full intention of leaving it behind in the hotel – you’ll enjoy this drama if you don’t have high expectations.

Overall Rating – 7.5/10


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