Star Wars X Korean Dramas

I woke up yesterday with this brilliant (let’s call it brilliant, shall we?) idea to combine my two favorite things: Star Wars and Korean Dramas. And make short silly videos and possibly some memes.

Just for funsies.

Here’s what I made tonight using She Was Pretty audio/subtitles and Star Wars footage:

Star Wars: The Force Awakens X She Was Pretty

Star Wars: The Last Jedi X She Was Pretty

Star Wars: The Last Jedi X She Was Pretty

This last one keeps getting flagged… so I guess it’s too long? I’m going to have to do a little research into the algorithms that flag content. Though this project is safely within the “Fair Use” guidelines, having to appeal to automated content protection bots constantly is not appealing.

Review – She Was Pretty

Review – She Was Pretty

This show had one of the best first episodes I have ever seen.  I was immediately drawn in by the story and quirky characters, the tight friendships, the lost loves, the struggle to find gainful employment, the insecurities and the humor.  And all these things stayed pretty steady on throughout the duration of the show.  Yet somehow I failed to love it.  I was definitely entertained.  But I just left it feeling so-so.


And from this poster, I thought the male lead was going to be more silly and fun.  That role went to the second male lead though… so… yet another poster fail.

The Plot, Short Version:  An unattractive girl gets her pretty friend to pose as her when meeting her childhood sweetheart.  Basically its Cyrano de Bergerac.

Mild spoilers follow… but not really… just musings on the obvious.

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