Review – Monstar

Review – Monstar

Monstar is a musical delight.  The cast was plucky and varied, the plot was just enough to keep you interested for 12 hours, and the music was by far the best of the “teen musical” k-drama choices out there.  There were moments that I didn’t care for and characters I didn’t have much interest in, but overall I enjoyed this show tremendously.  It doesn’t really warrant a long review, in my opinion.  It’s just pop-tastic fun in high school with rival bands, a slew of instruments and a broad range of musical styles.  These are talented kids.  It didn’t have the same emotional punch as Shut Up Let’s Go but it wasn’t as cheesy as Heartstrings.  If you want a feel-good musical show, this is a safe bet.  Snaps to the director – far more convincing lip syncing in this drama than most, and most of the musical numbers were played in full.  Too bad the soundtrack doesn’t cover the 30 plus exceptional musical moments in this show.  Thankfully, there’s some great playlists on youtube that have just about everything.

Overall Rating:  8/10.  Plot Rating:  6/10.  Romance Rating:  7/10.  Cuteness Rating:  9/10.  Music Rating:  10/10.

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