Review – Jealousy Incarnate

Review – Jealousy Incarnate

This show really shouldn’t have been as entertaining as it was.  The plot was kinda lame, the territory worn… but due to the amazing cast, it somehow managed to still be an enjoyable show for 20 something long episodes.  I think the reason this show appeals to people is because the premise is appealing.  Who hasn’t had a crush on someone who just didn’t feel the same way?  And how awesome would it be if they suddenly changed their mind – at the exact time someone as equally awesome came along and also liked you?  And… let’s shoot for the stars… how incredible would it be to date them both, with their permission, and even set up house together while they generously allow to figure out your feelings?  Geesh.  It’s so ridiculous and in the realm of fantasy, which is exactly why it was entertaining for twenty episodes.

The love triangle is really the only reason to watch it.  There are better shows about broadcasting (Pinocchio) and there are better shows about cancer (Padam Padam), though I will admit the male breast cancer angle was interesting.  The side story about the warring moms was funny and I enjoyed their love triangle as well.  The side story about the teenagers, eh.  I have a serious crush on Choi Hwa-Jung, who played the rich guy’s mom, Madam Kim, so I loved watching her prance around and try to reign in her empire and heir… oh my God, she was rockin’ in this show.  Her stylist deserves a special award for fitting those curves to perfection.  Damn.

Overall Rating – 7/10.  Two Boyfriends Are Better Than One.

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Be My Secretary! – The Beautiful Working Women of K-Dramas

Be My Secretary! – The Beautiful Working Women of K-Dramas

Korean dramas are littered with beautiful Korean people.  I get k-crushes on quite a few of them… Ko Soo, Kim Na Gil, Ha Ji Won, Yun Jung Hoon, Jun Ji Hyun, Yang Dong Geun, and so on.  But sometimes they’re so awesome they seem untouchable.  Even a harmless crush might stain their flawless veneer.  They should be admired… like a work of art.  Look but don’t touch, people!

So let us take a moment to admire one of my favorite side characters:  The Secretary.  Yes, I can’t even say the word secretary without thinking of that deliciously pervy movie with James Spader or the outrageous bombshell figure of the red head from Mad Men.  But those secretaries were touchable… and were touched quite often on screen, if memory serves (it does, and so does my rewind button).  The Secretaries we’re discussing here are the idols of Korean work life.  You can worship them unclothed if you like, but they will not be moved.  They have ascended to a higher plain of existence… where they can steal all our attention away from the female leads without batting an eyelash.

Who are these killer coworkers?  Let us explore…

Every so often I come across one of these absolutely stunning working women… be they secretaries or coworkers or presidents or managers.  Wow.  Talk about incentive to get to work every morning.  If you’ve seen Lie To Me, you probably noticed the extremely hot secretary lurking in the shadows of our male lead.  It was hard to miss her.  She seemed ten times cooler than the female lead but thankfully didn’t get entangled in a love-triangle… cause let’s face it, she was ten times cooler than the male lead too.  These working ladies always know what’s really going on in the dramas.  They know all, they see all.  They’re goddesses amongst mortals.

Park Ji-Yoon played the secretary in Lie to Me.

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