Review – Jealousy Incarnate

Review – Jealousy Incarnate

This show really shouldn’t have been as entertaining as it was.  The plot was kinda lame, the territory worn… but due to the amazing cast, it somehow managed to still be an enjoyable show for 20 something long episodes.  I think the reason this show appeals to people is because the premise is appealing.  Who hasn’t had a crush on someone who just didn’t feel the same way?  And how awesome would it be if they suddenly changed their mind – at the exact time someone as equally awesome came along and also liked you?  And… let’s shoot for the stars… how incredible would it be to date them both, with their permission, and even set up house together while they generously allow you to figure out your feelings?  Geesh.  It’s so ridiculous! It’s the realm of fantasy generally reserved for fan fiction, which is exactly why it was entertaining for twenty episodes.

The love triangle is really the only reason to watch it.  There are better shows about broadcasting (Pinocchio) and there are better shows about cancer (Padam Padam), though I will admit the male breast cancer angle was interesting.  The side story about the warring moms was funny and I enjoyed their love triangle as well.  The side story about the teenagers, eh.  I have a serious crush on Choi Hwa-Jung, who played the rich guy’s mom, Madam Kim, so I loved watching her prance around,trying to reign in her empire and heir… oh my God, she was rockin’ in this show.  Her stylist deserves a special award for fitting those curves to perfection.  Damn.

Overall Rating – 7/10.  Two Boyfriends Are Better Than One.

More musings…

I love Gong Hyo-Jin and enjoy almost all of her dramas.  Sometimes she goes into these odd hysterics, which I find off putting.  And honestly, this wasn’t one of her best roles.  Greatest Love and Master’s Sun were better roles for her – as they had a more playful spirit.  If I’m gonna watch her be kinda pouty and  neurotic, I preferred her character in It’s Okay That’s Love.  I didn’t think she was a very good weather girl or news reporter, frankly.  There’s always a little reservation in her when it comes to romance on screen.  I’m not sure if she’s just not that comfortable with it or what, but I always notice.  The only show where she seemed genuinely kinda hot for the male lead was Pasta, and ironically that was one of the few shows with her I didn’t like.

Not that it matters in this show.  Cho Jung-Seok is so good at playing sexually charged roles, he could make out with a sock puppet and we’d all be sighing and probably voting it Best Kiss of 2016.  He was pretty believable as a reporter, I guess.  Even more believable as a dude torn up over wanting to screw his best friend’s girlfriend.  He’s very good at playing these jackass/sweetheart roles.  It’s a fine line that not everyone can pull off.   I think it’s cause he has that “little boy” vibe and an expressive face.

Personally, I thought the conflicted bromance was more entertaining and emotionally charged than the love triangle.

Ko Gyung-Pyo was good casting as the aloof but likable rich guy who never really had any problems.  He seemed distant from the world, not accustomed to hardship or serious emotion.  Which is good news, as I’m not sure Ko Gyung-Pyo could really pull off too much serious emotion in a drama.  This was just about perfect.  His character was also quite unique… with his dress making skills and his loneliness even though he was surrounded by people.  He basically had one friend, so when that one person betrayed him… he went to WAR.  I liked him a great deal.  I definitely felt some second male lead syndrome with this drama, though not too much as I didn’t think he was a good fit with Kong Hyo-Jin’s character and didn’t want to see them together.

Anyways, it was a fun drama.  An escapist fantasy.  It’s pacing could have been better.  Certain chunks of it were excellent (in fact, certain chunks were 10/10 great!), but overall it was felt a bit messy.  And I don’t know… for me, it just wasn’t a hit.

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