Review – Heart to Heart

Review- Heart to Heart


The adorably unethical story of a shrink who falls for his patient and proceeds to chase her around for an entire show.  This is one of those perfect dramas where six hours passes in what feels like an hour.  Your face muscles get a little tired from smiling so often.  You genuinely laugh out loud.  The pacing is perfect – there is not even a moment of wasted time or character interaction.  It’s expert writing paired with expert direction.  Not to mention actors that both charm you, amuse you, and feel comfortable walking around your television.  It’s easy to believe they really exist so you grow very close to them very quickly.

The last few episodes turn melodramatic, but otherwise it’s a feel great romantic comedy worth checking out. This drama also made it to my Best Kisses of All Time list.

Overall Rating 9/10 – Don’t Fall In Love With Your Shrink Unless You Are In A K-Drama.


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