Best K-Drama Kisses of ALL TIME

There are a lot of great kisses in K-Land.  A lot.  Mostly because we wait so long for them, by the time they come we’re tightly coiled balls of anxiety and desire.  Then BAM, even the most chaste peck lights up our panties and sends us swooning.


These are just some of MY PERSONAL FAVORITES… so sorry, no Lee Min-Ho… he just does nothing for me, even though I enjoy most of his dramas.   And this isn’t exhaustive… there are plenty of great smooches not listed.

Description of Kisses may include slight (or maybe big, I dunno) spoilers, so weigh how much you want to know about smooching versus how much I might ruin a show for you.


Anyways, let’s start with my NUMBER ONE K-DRAMA KISS selection…

The QUE SERA SERA elevator kiss.

I didn’t even have to wait long for this amazing scene, they popped it right into the end of episode two.  When a gigolo decides to give a cute virgin her first kiss in a stalled elevator and that gigolo is played by Eric Moon, you know you’re going to get a good lesson in smooching.  There’s a point where he’s leaning in and she’s all nervously clenching her fists and squeezing her eyes shut and he smirks… that smug little smile just did me in.  And then her wide eyes response!  “More, please!”  I died.









God, I love that scene.

Here it is in full (starts at 6 min mark).


Next we have…


SHARK.  In this revenge melodrama… which is nothing if not a beautiful feast of visuals, beautiful music and intense scenes that build and build and build on each other.  Pretty much all leading up this moment.  While bleeding out on the couch, our lead guy suddenly has time to make some sweet moves on his old lady love.  We all know how hot these nursemaiding scenes are in dramas by design… so it didn’t seem abnormal that the minute the first aid box came out, this dude forgot about his injuries and instead ran with his heart.   This scene was so sweepingly romantic… and we’d been waiting a long, long time for this to happen.  She finally knows who he is… he’s breaking from his revenge routine just long enough to be smitten… and oh la la… the kiss!



The music, in particular, helped quite a bit… BoA’s Between Heaven and Hell was playing… and also, Kim Na Gil looks at her like she’s the most amazing, wonderful heavenly creature on the planet and he can’t believe she’s sitting on the couch with him.  Here’s the full scene on youtube (it’s age restricted for some stupid reason, but it’s just smooching).

And here’s the full song – which has an awesome video featuring all the cool moments from the young cast… before they got separated… it’s such a dreamy show…

Next we have….


The first kiss between the lead couple quickly lead to more!  Holy moley!  It was so unexpected and genuine that I felt my breath catch.  These two didn’t even like each other – hadn’t even flirted or considered each other – but a few beers later and the mood shifted so quick both were swept away, and so was I.  It also happened surprisingly early in the drama and was more PG-13 than I anticipated!  Clothing was removed.  And they showed it!



I loved this show – and he was such a quirky little bastard and she was such a bizarre introverted spaz that they were shockingly perfect together.  Full kiss scene:

Cute, eh?

Perhaps tied in this category – because it is such a similar drama, I loved the kiss in episode 6 of…


In this scene, our lady cop has just busted her pseudo-boyfriend for stealing a 2 Billion Won purse covered in diamonds.  She found it in his motorcycle satchel… pretty incriminating.  But as she has the hots for him, she takes him for drinks first… to get his side of the story.  Which he tells her.  Then asks her to run away with him.  Then says he was just kidding about the running thing – which pisses her off and she immediately arrests him in the restaurant – which infuriates him because he’s proclaiming he’s innocent – and then they just start to make out.  First he initiates it… then there’s a pause and he tells her once more he didn’t do it… and then she goes back in for more…

I think what made this kiss really hot was that it was shocking.  I don’t think Yoon Si Yoon is a sexy guy, really.  He’s adorable, but I wouldn’t think he’s the type to really inspire sultry, passionate moves on a woman.  But lo and behold… he just pulled it out of nowhere in this drama!  Well, in this scene, at least.

Someone fan me!

Now for the epic, emotional rollercoaster that is…


When our lead female is still unsure of her feelings for our lead male (with good reason – he’s basically a gigantic man-child… but damn… what a man, eh? the dude fills out a pair of pants), he takes her to a romantic spot and makes some impressively sexy moves and love confessions while soaking wet.  Surprisingly, there is no kissing in this scene… just talk about kissing, and why she won’t kiss him and how he wants to kiss her… and somehow that made it even hotter.  The tension… the body language… the way that man looked like he wanted to eat her alive… the way the scene just held there… making us wait… oh my God, it was incredible.  Geesh… so romantic.



Moving on to…


This is not a romantic drama.  It’s about mobsters and hookers and drug dealers and murderers and the cops trying to bring them down.  But it still squeezed in one of the most jaw dropping sexy scenes when an unexpected kiss on the balcony leads to more…

There were several reasons this kiss was so epic.  The dude is the main bad guy, called The Doctor’s Son because he’s so smart and suave.  He doesn’t speak much, he just slinks around being scary and amazing.  The girl is undercover and not even sure what’s she’s doing, just nervously talking to him when suddenly he pulls her in for a kiss without a word.  Next thing you know, they’re peeling off clothing and we, as viewers, are just basking in the beauty of the cinematography and the perfect skin of both actors as they fall into bed and in love.  This complicates things for both the bad guy and the girl undercover, but are they thinking of that in this scene?  Uh, no.  They’re on autopilot, bolting straight into space on hormones and attraction.



I will never understand why they went to all the trouble to give our male lead this amazing back tattoo… and then blurred it post-production. But the kiss was to die for, though – as was their romance. It was a rare moment of happiness and instinctual longing between these two… and it still wears me out thinking about it.

This whole show was a moody vibe. I love shows like this. They’re very “of the era”… that era being 2013ish.

Speaking of shows that wore me out and had me fanning myself…


This show is basically just one big sexy timebomb.  Seriously.  It’s sexy and it knows it.  Anyways, the particular kiss in question is between our male lead character who is on a quest for vengeance and retribution and one of his intended targets.  This bad bad guy has been driving a married woman crazy by slinking all around her and purring in her ear and teasing her – and she’s about to snap in half with desire.  When they’re alone in the elevator together… suddenly all lights turn green and the two GO.

They just… GO!


Good Lord all mighty!  I wasn’t expecting it and yet when it happened it felt perfectly natural and I thought… how much is gonna happen in this elevator anyway?  Is this 9 1/2 Weeks or what?

It turns out to be a fantasy sequence.  And now it’s one of my fantasy sequences.

The love story of this show is so complicated – with both the female and the male lead doing everything they can to worm their ways into this rich family for different reasons. And they’re magnetically drawn to each other, but being together would act against their interests so they’re forever shutting each other out. Everyone in this show is tragic and wonderful. It’s an older show – but you’ll see a lot of familiar faces.

There are a lot of actors that always do extremely well in romantic roles.

Sexy Kissers include:

Seo In-Guk is a natural. He has the charisma of a man who knows he’s extremely good looking and has a magnetic power over ladies. His kiss scenes are usually awesome in all his shows. I am particularly fond of melodramas – because I like the over-the-top emotional stakes – so The Smile Has Left Your Eyes remains my favorite smooch with him.

Another actor who always delivers in the smooching category is Ji Chang-Wook. Clearly this man knows how to put his goods to use. Honestly, I can’t think of one show with him that didn’t deliver amazing smooches. Even the shows I didn’t like very much. Healer is probably my favorite.


Yeon Woo-Jin is extremely good. He always seems genuinely madly in love/lust to the point of insanity in his shows and it’s always a turn on. My Shy Boss had that show smooch which was super hot. Queen for Seven Days just kept them coming. Marriage Not Dating. He’s just… a master at his craft.


Kim Jung-Hyun and Shin Hye-Sun really brought the fire to Mr. Queen. That was such an unexpectedly great show – with tons of comedy, intrigue, action, and romance. Who can resist an enemies to lovers story? You can always tell when the actors have chemistry – the romance burn just a little bit bright in those shows. And these two actors just tore it up! Literally, in some scenes… like this one.

Speaking of natural chemistry…

last but certainly not least.

The one.

The only.


Do we even have to say it?  This is one of the most romantic dramas I have ever seen… I sigh heavily even thinking about it.  So freakin’ cute… so freakin’ sexy… so freakin’ real!  The main couple of this drama were so believably head over heels in love with each other that you forget you’re watching a show.  If you haven’t watched this show, don’t watch this video.  I mean it.  Just watch the show.  Immediately, if possible.  You will not regret it.  Ever.  There is a reason it is one of the most beloved and talked about shows of ALL TIME.

If you have watched it…  enjoy lighting your brain on fire with all the memories of this most epic love story in this nifty fanmade video.

And since there’s no way you can easily recover from a Coffee Prince montage, just settle for a few stills from other shows… and breathe… breathe… they can’t all be Gong Yoo but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of good ones….

Cause there are plenty of amazing kisses in K-Dramas.

Maybe it’s because we wait so long for them. Maybe it’s because we’re so invested in their stories. Maybe it’s because of their natural chemistry. Whatever the reasons… certain K-Kisses will linger in your mind longer than others.

Like this one between the two nerdy scholars in Sungkyunkwan Scandal.


Geesh, I love this show…

And the ten billion amazing kisses in Queen In-Hyun’s Man. I mean, they packed them in. I would believe half of them were improved by the actors, they had such amazing chemistry and felt genuinely in love.


are you breathing?

Let’s end it Jang Keun-Suk, who always looks like he’s having a good time making ladies swoon. He and Yoona were my favorite pairing – though arguably the show Love Rain could have been better. Still… the romance was choice.





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