Review – He Is Psychometric

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He is Psychometric is half romance, half murder-mystery. Korean dramas are especially talented at mixing dark subject matter with light humor and adorable romance. The lead actor in this series, played by Jin Young, is psychometric – which is the ability to see the memories of people and, baffling, objects. He gained this strange ability after a childhood tragedy that claimed the lives of both of his parents. I’m unfamiliar with Jin Young, but must admit he was a strong enough actor to carry the leading role. His smile is infectious, and he had great chemistry with both his adopted older brother and his love interest.

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His love interest is played by Shin Ye-Eun, a whipsmart young woman whose life was also altered forever by a childhood tragedy. The same tragedy (obviously) that took the life of our psychometric’s parents. She’s smart and he’s dumb. She’s a hard worker and he’s a bit of a lazy screw up. She’s serious and he’s carefree. They were an adorable odd couple that really warmed my heart and I loved watching them fall for each other.

The side characters were memorable and enjoyable to watch. Though a bit heavy handed with characterization, I still enjoyed following the lives of all the friends, family, and coworkers that inhabited this story. In particular, the determined female cop played by Kim Da-Som who acts as both a role model and older sister to the young couple. In many ways, this lady stole the show as she seemed to be the most capable actor in the series – and thus naturally inhabiting her role.

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He is Psychometric follows the recent trend of dramas that would have been stellar had they been about 10-12 episodes instead of 16 – or if they’d developed side characters further to fill out the gaps in the script.  Even in the first episode there was an unnecessary amount of flashbacks to things that literally happened only a few minutes before. There isn’t a great deal of tension trying to figure out “who did it,” due to some heavy handed visual clues and tropes – though perhaps if you haven’t seen a billion dramas like me this may not be as obvious. Had the last four to six episodes been condensed to one or two, this might have stood up better to other dark themed dramas with soft cores, such as Pinocchio, While You Were Sleeping, or Hello Monster. As it is, the last few episodes dragged around long after the initial excitement and tension had  faded. Still, I enjoyed it overall.

Overall Rating – 8/10.  An Average Tale About A Supernatural Ability.

Review – When A Man Loves

Review – When A Man Loves

Deep satisfied sigh.  What a cool melodrama!  Talk about an unusual plotline that hooked.  I was completely swept up into this romantic entanglement.  Not quite a love triangle, not quite NOT a love triangle.  There was more nuance and character development in this drama than most shows.  You’ll be hating someone in one episode and completely understanding them and sympathizing with them in the next.  Shades of gray, my friends.  It’s a show about how your life experiences define you, even when you’ve changed your life.

Plotline Short Version:  A gangster falls for the daughter of the man he’s terrorizing and a series of events leads him to change his ways and give up his life of crime to reemerge several years later as a successful businessman.  When he runs into the daughter again – he sweeps her into his new life, with promises of financial security and his heart.  However, our young lady is wary of her new suitor.  He’s over a decade older than her, excessively smitten, and… ya know… a bit scary.  While she’s attempting to let this man into her life, she meets another man – her age – whom she shares natural chemistry with.  Unfortunately, his life is equally tied to the reformed gangsters.   It’s a struggle of will, of families, of obligations and of fear as these three circle around each other.  And it’s really great tv.

Overall Rating – 9/10.   One Person’s Love Is Not Enough To Carry Two Hearts.

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Review – Love in the Moonlight / Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

Review – Love in the Moonlight

So, I finished Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, or Love in the Moonlight, not too long ago and have been wondering what, exactly, I had to say about it.  It was nothing special, to be perfectly honest.  This drama offered no new ground to the pantheon of K-Dramas, yet it still managed to be enjoyable, settling into well worn territory… like coming home and putting on your favorite t-shirt even though it’s faded and has holes in it and probably smells a little suspicious if you get too close.  Love in the Moonlight is your usual tropes thrown together in a historical romance with a light melodrama.  It’s the safe bet.  The meal you’ve ordered before and know you like.

I liked the first half best, that was more focused on the romance, than the second half, that was more focused on the politics.  The young actors were beautiful and charming, the seasoned actors were outstanding as always.  Costumes, sets, writing, all well done.  They added a lot of modern humor in, which made it fun and playful.  The lead female looked like an alien, albeit a pretty alien.  I’m not kidding.  She was straight from a Steven Spielberg movie – and yet it was cool, like her Western alien friend Amanda Seyfried.  The black-clad guard was clearly the poster child for perfected jaw sculpting… just startlingly handsome.  That wig was working for him, too.  Usually the wig doesn’t help improve the looks of our male historical characters, but Kwak Dong-Yeon lucked out.  He has NEVER looked better, and probably never will.  The rival to the Crown Prince was also handsome and generic and overall the entire production was very easy on the eyes.

But it was the Crown Prince that owned the show.  To be honest, I don’t know if I would have stuck around for the entire drama if it weren’t for Park Bo-Gum.   Is it the capped teeth that make his smirk so cute or what?  Park Bo-Gum took a rather tired plotline of a clueless dude falling in love with a girl in drag and made it adorable all over again – by being impossibly adorable.  Geesh, he was a cutie.

Overall Rating – 8/10 – Like A Fluffy Bunny, Pretty Worthless But Oh So Cute!