Review – Flower, I Am! / Me Too, Flower!

Review – Me Too, Flower!

In which a show with a ridiculous name turns out to be ridiculously good.  A female cop struggles with depression and anger issues.  A high school drop out leads a double life as a penniless parking attendant and a wealthy handbag designer.  Throw in a magnificently glamorous CEO, a wacky therapist, a young rookie cop whose cuter than a puppy, and a free-spirited step-sister and you’ve got this unusual show.

Lee Ji-Ah and Yoon Shi-Yoon both shine in this show.  Lee Ji-Ah’s portrayal of a miserable, cynical, pissed off police woman on the verge of a breakdown was awesome.  I loved her immediately and her grouchy, funny, blatant demeanor.   Yoon Shi-Yoon did what he does best – a playful, cheerful, energetic enigma – except I thought his character was better in this show than in others.  He’s such a weird little dude, but there is something oddly infectious about him.  And his chemistry with Lee Ji-Ah was surprisingly on point.  I may have to update my “Best Kiss” section, actually…

I enjoyed every episode of this little gem.  I laughed, I felt genuinely moved by the characters, situations turned in unexpected but natural ways.  It took the usual “secret rich boy” motif and turned it on its head, handing us a shocking new version of this old chiche.  And… lest we forget… it also gave us the achingly, unnaturally gorgeous Han Go-Eun prancing around in amazing outfits.

In a lot of ways, it reminded me of Heart 2 Heart, in that it was just an unexpectedly down to earth story about mental health, families, and relationships.  Loved that one, too.

Overall Rating – 9/10 – Curing Depression With A 2 Billion Won Kiss.

Review – Circle: Two Worlds

Review – Circle: Two Worlds

A well done, high concept sci fi show about memories, responsibility, and identity.   The story revolves around two twins who discover a mysterious woman in the woods when they are children.  Is she an alien?  The woman disappears from their life, only to reappear again when they are in their early twenties.  At the same time a string of questionable suicides start occurring at the Health and Science College.  Who is she?  And how is she connected to these events and the lives of the twins?  Rotating between 2017, our time, and 2037, when the country has been split into “Normal Earth,” a wasteland of pollution and dust, and “Smart Earth,” a clean environment where all the citizens are on modified mood controllers and live peacefully.

There are plenty of spectacular twists in this drama and the plot was so unconventional, I had no idea where it was taking me from episode to episode.  The acting was incredible, especially from Yeo Jin-Goo… wow, that boy has an expressive face, does he not?  Murder, mystery, secret experiments, missing persons and aliens!   Who could ask for more? (Uh, I could!  sequel, please?)

As with all mystery shows – I won’t do a lengthy review since mystery shows are best enjoyed with the full mystery unraveling as you watch.  So… do yourself a favor and check it out.

Overall Rating – 9/10.  Blue Worms Are Not Your Friends.