Review – Lie To Me

Review – Lie to Me

Lie to Me is one of those dramas that once you accept the plot has about as much weight and logic as a toddler, you can just sit back and enjoy it scuffling around the carpet with wad of crayons in its hands.  There’s a lot to enjoy, too.  This drama offers us a glimpse at the rare bird of open-mouthed kissing.  As if aware of how spectacularly alien its presence is, it makes sure to show off all its feathers and give us some of the most memorable kissing scenes in drama-town.  The Karaoke Kiss.  The Cola Kiss.  If you’ve seen it, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  The fighting-then fake marriage-then real romance of the main couple is the main dish of the drama.  This dish may appear more appetizing than it is due to the above mentioned (and more) kissing scenes.

Everything else in the show is just colorful side-dishes.


With your meal you’ll receive a side dish of a manipulative, aimless yet affable brother who will win you over with his lazy smile and portrait painting.  This dish is known to explode into overdramatic outbursts and wallow in self-pity, so its best served sparingly without much character development.

You will also receive a female high school rival; vain and insecure she compliments the various flavors of push-over men and petty superficial friends.  Despite the initial bitter taste, you may find this character to be a refreshing antagonist and build up an immunity (if not a taste for) her theatrics and pouty nature.

All guests will enjoy the sweet dessert ex-girlfriend and the emotional strain of misunderstandings and back flashes of happiness that accompany this pretty dish.  Like all decadent desserts, however, you will ultimately end up with regret and worry over the high calories and their effect on your waistline and sanity.

For a garnish, there will be a random musician with dyed blonde hair who will lurk about in the shop playing soft indie rock.  You will suspect this musician may be famous but will ultimately find yourself too lazy to look it up online.

All other aspects of the show should be considered what the other patrons ordered – so just take a quick look but remember it is rude to pick off their plates.

Please do not ask your server to provide you with the nutritional information of the plot for this meal.  Just eat it and don’t think too much about it.

Our meal will be set in the typical business empire – expensive condos, fancy offices, hotels and more hotels.  You will enjoy the view of Seoul and Jeju Island from the window.  If you over eat, we will put you in bed with an IV bag of mystery liquid and apply a wet cloth to your forehead.

Thank you for your business, k-drama addicts.  As usual, it only took the good- looking faces of Kang Ji-Hwan and Yoon Eun-Hye in the promo to entice you to dine with us this evening.  We hope you enjoy your meal and will recommend it to friends.

Warning:  If this drama dish results in a rash, diarrhea, dizziness, dry mouth or narcolepsy – please quickly administer a more satisfying drama that Yoon Eun-Hye, Sung Joon or Hong Soo-Hyun have appeared in such as Coffee Prince, Shut Up Let’s Go or The Princess’ Man.  All disagreeable symptoms should clear up within one to two episodes.

F.D.A. regulations require us to state that a Kang Ji-Hwan is not considered a protein nor should be consumed with the expectation of tissue growth or oxygen transportation.


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