Review – Sensory Couple

Review – Sensory Couple


First of all… very misleading title image!  This is not a fairy tale romance and neither character runs around in beautiful clothes throughout the show.  This picture is more accurate of what to expect:


The show about a girl who sees smells (by the seashore) and a guy who feels no pain.  Throw in a serial killer and you’ve got an unusual, yet surprisingly cute drama.


After witnessing a crime, a young woman is hit by a car – goes into a coma – and comes out with total memory loss (that’s three standard K-drama tropes in one episode!).  Remarkably, one eye has turned blue… and suddenly she can “see” scents.  They basically look like floating emojis.  Due to the memory loss, she doesn’t remember the crime or the criminal.  While she’s not using her incredible skill set to solve crimes (why isn’t she PI?), she’s working in the undignified world of improv comedy… which we, as the viewer, must suffer through sporadically.

Shin Se-Kyung is winning as our visual smell witness.  She’s lovable in every way and one of the better K-drama leading female characters because she’s quite simple.  She’s just a nice girl who’s falling in love with a nice cop.


We don’t have an explanation as to why the young cop feels no pain.  He just doesn’t.  He can’t taste, either.  Though apparently he must feel something (cough cough), cause he’s hot for Miss Scentsy and there’s no hint that this might be an issue in their relationship.   Our pain-proof dude is a cop who worked his way up to homicide to further investigate the death of his young sister.

Park Yoo-Chun has perfected the “nice guy” character – and even when he’s being serious, there’s a hint of the adorable about him.  Miss Scentsy and Numb Cop are played by two great actors that have great chemistry and their on screen romance was charming and heartfelt.


There’s a lot of adorable romance, really cute comedy, friends and coworkers, and great actors in this show.  The serial killer plotline almost seems too dark for such a light hearted drama, but it works in the same strange way it worked in My Love From Another Star.  Just cause.  Somehow they made it work – if you don’t over analyze it.  I won’t talk about the serial killer (who was quite cool – you could tell the actor absolutely loved the role and went full tilt boogie creepy with it) because that is one of the most interesting mysteries of the drama, but I thought the Big Bad was nicely developed.

It’s nothing special but I wouldn’t write it off.  You can have it running and do all sorts of errands and chores and not really miss too much of the plotline.  So save it for a weekend when your attention span is short and your not feeling too demanding of your drama.  Sensory Couple is like hanging out with that “work friend” you never really hang out with after work but aren’t entirely opposed to the idea… it just never really seems too pressing to do so.

On a side note, the police Lieutenant is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.  I might think of enlisting if Yoon Jin-Seo was going to boss me around all day.

Overall Rating – 7/10.  Numb Cop Falls For Freakish Scent Seeing Girl While Solving Crimes.

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