K-Drama Awards

It’s time for a little K-Drama Awards Show!

I’m currently watching Save Me as it airs and rewatching Goblin inbetween… so in my down time, decided to make a few lists to amuse myself.  And possibly you.

Funniest Drama – Winner:  GREATEST LOVE.  Other nominees:  Master’s Sun, Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon, Beautiful Gong Shim, & The Sound of Your Heart.

Scariest Psycho – Winner:  Namgung Min in REMEMBER.  Other nominees:  Song Yoon-A in The K2, Park Ki-Woong in Bridal Mask, Yeon Jeong-Hun in Mask, Shin Sung-Rok in Liar Game


Psychopaths You Love – Winner:  Kim Nam Gil in QUEEN SEON DUK.  Other nominees:  Choi Won-Young & Park Bo-Gum in I Remember You/Hello Monster, Park Hae-Jin in Bad Guys, Park Hae-Jin in Cheese in the Trap, & Sung Joon in White Christmas

Characters Who Need Meds – Winner:  Eric Moon in ANOTHER MISS OH.  Other nominees:  Kim Jae-Wook in Bad Guy, Lee Jong-Hyeok in Dr. Khang, Yoona in The K2, Yoon Eun-Hye in I Miss You, Everyone in Que Sera Sera.

Weirdest Lovable Character – Winner:  Jang Hyuk in FATED TO LOVE YOU.  Other nominees:  Kim Beom in Padam Padam, Yoon Si-Yoon in Flower Boy Next Door, Chun Jung-Myung in Heart to Heart, Hyun Bin in Secret Garden, Choi Si-Won in She Was Pretty, Kong Hyo-Jin in Master’s Sun

Best Cinematography – Winner:  SHARK.  Other nominees:  Lucifer,  Resurrection,  Goblin, Six Flying Dragons, & Mask

Characters That I Thought Were Hot Together & Should Have Hooked Up (even if it was a deleted scene where they got drunk and made out and neither remembered it the next day) – Winner:   Ji Chang-Wook & Yoon So-Yi in WARRIOR BAEK DONG SOO (to this day I still think they got it wrong by not putting these two together).  Other nominees: Moon Geun-Young &  Moon Chae-Won in Painter in the Wind (totally),  Lee Soo-Hyuk & Lee Joon-Gi in Scholar Who Walks the Night (some bloodsucking/hickies would have rocked), Hwang Jung-Eum & Choi Si-Won in She Was Pretty (at least once!), & Song Joong-Ki & Yoo Ah-In in Sungkyunkwan Scandal (gah, that would have been awesome!)



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