Review – Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Review – Sungkyunkwan Scandal

I recently rewatched Sungkyunkwan Scandal, for… what?  Maybe the sixth time?  It’s an adorable romantic comedy.  It is, in my opinion, the best historical romantic comedy.  Still standing strong since 2010.  It has it all.  The best of all the tropes.  All your favorite things.  All the things you hope to see in a romantic comedy.  All the tricks of the trade done just right.  And for some reason, it’s impossible for me to write a review about it.  Every time I try, I just end up wanting to watch it again.  Sometimes you just have a to watch it.  When everyone agrees that it’s awesome – how many reviews do you need to read, anyways?  Trust the crowd.  It’s true.  It’s really, really freaking good.

The cast is perfect.  The lead male is the most delightful stick in the mud nerd… and let’s face it, how often is the main character an uptight, mega nerd?  But it works!  It works because they paired him off with a equally smart lady disguised as a man, who has a sense of humor and a flair for drama.  It works because they balanced him off with polar opposite friends – a carefree, socialite who is interested in fashion and flirting (Yeorim!  Oh, how I love him!) and a misfit, rebel who is interested in fighting and social justice won through actions over words.  They’re all awesome.  I wanted to be bestie with all these besties.

Just watch it.  You won’t be sorry.  You’ll laugh and be entertained and smitten and charmed.  It’s unavoidable.  It’s so well written – the cast is large and memorable.

Overall Rating – 10/10.  Nerds in Love.

7 thoughts on “Review – Sungkyunkwan Scandal

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  4. :-I

    I dropped the show around Episode 6 ..

    I was getting antsy around Episode 2 .. by episode 3 I could hear the bells tolling .. I reached Episode 6 on the strength of the story .. so hilarious and well knit .. so promising of troubles to come that would require sorting through .. characters to mend and shape ..

    WHY did I drop it ..
    I couldn’t accept that the “stick in the mud” Lee Seon Joon character was being groomed by the script to be the main lead in the OTP ..

    – which in itself would have been fine BUT I found Park Yoo Chun to be such a ‘robot face’ actor .. there was nothing “sexy” oozing out of his body and face .. and me who LOVES and falls in love with nerds like that (snap of fingers), it wasn’t about the stick in the mud.

    ( Try rethink that role with Hyun Bin, acting chop and looks – he does (did in CLOY) ‘stick in the mud’ while oozing oomph with just his eyes; and an expression in restraint of face and body.)

    Lee Seon Joon as character was absolutely believable .. strait-laced .. by the book .. idealistic .. humourless (aigoo) accomplished and all that .. the role was well drawn BUT as I watched I could see that he was being shaped to be the Main Lead in the romantic OTP – and his act didn’t hold for me .. It was becoming clear that show (and actor) was not going to whip up any chemistry with Yoon Hee even if they. were whisked in a power blender 😦

    ESPECIALLY BECAUSE show gave us a glimpse of Jae Shin AND Yong Ha ..
    ESPECIALLY a character like Yong Ha (as played by the phenomenally talented Song Joon Ki – my first show with Joon Ki).
    He grabbed my attention as Yong Ha (Yeorim) right at the loading of the first scene and he stole my heart with that smile and wink…
    The insightful, impish character who’s also obviously a brainiac given that he’s sunbae at the scholar school who sees thorough things, is smart and street wise .. delightfully witty and quite capable to fencing words and wit with our feisty actress playing Yoon Hee.
    I recalled Ta Hwan from Empress Ki .. the peculiar .. funny, silly crown prince you fell in love with, rooted for and looked forward to his character arc, of the improbable becoming the probable OTP till show ending.

    IMO S.S. with a triangle created with the bromancing pair of Jae Shin and Yong Ha & Yoon Hee would have been far more explosive ..
    The nerd boy Lee Seon Joon could have been the foil for those two .. someone Yoon looks at with respect and more of a “older brother” father figure sort because he could dial in ‘gravity’ and responsibility and righteousness for all the encouragement, help, and faith in herself he gave her ..
    Thus making Yoon Hee not fall for him – he’s so deadpan, unexciting, and un-sexy .. he could be the second or third lead a poignant unrequited love angle. .. since Jae Shin could round up as a strong second lead .. “Not husband material” – too gangsta and non-academic .. cant hold against Yoon Hee’s intellect ..

    How and why does Yong Ha get magnetised by him at all .. He’s boring .. the way Wang Goo was boring in Empress Ki. The strong brainy perfect male to fall for is such a yawn inducing trope .. YUP he’s more up Hye Hyo Eun’s alley .. She should have got him ..

    To confirm my suspicion I did the dreadful stab in the back of the show .. checked online to see who she ends up with .. BOOM I dropped and jumped off ..( I am always the one of those people who claps her palms over her ears when people discuss a show / film that I am planning to watch.)
    16 hours is a long investment .. I decided to choose sleep over staying awake .. and those hours will be put into a different basket.

    And as USUAL .. I am heartbroken and sad ..that I got off such an attractive train because it was set on a route that didn’t hold excitement or joy for me. This oh so promising show failed to amp it up .

    Ive been having this issue now with a few of the dramas, a second lead syndrome .. the second leads that are far more off beat, unexpected and so superbly acted that they outshine the main lead actor.

    – Cheese in my Trap’s In Ho comes to mind .. played by Seo Kang Joon
    – Heir’s Kim Woo Bin – wanted him to get something .. although Lee Minh Ho’s seduction was strong enough to balance some of that power act from Woo Bin
    – K2’s Choi Yoon over Anna as Je Ha’s romance story

    When Shows did explore and build on off beat, non-ideal characters as the main love line they came out way more engrossing and challenging eg. FULLHOUSE and What Happened in Bali.


    Sorry needed to vent a bit (at length whining you may call it) .. even though it’s to someone who loved it enough to watch it SIX times LOLz

    • Hahaha. I enjoy your opinion – but absolutely love the leading man. Watching his very reserved and nerdy character slowly break into cute smiles and shenanigans was the main reason I adored the show so much. He has magnificent chemistry with the lead and the ending of the show was one of my favorites.

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