Love in the Air : A Masterclass in Kissing – A Review

Do you ever wish shows had more kissing?

Like… a lot more?

Like, the serious business of kissing that requires exploration of all the variations and placements on the body?

I wish to be burdened with such struggles

Softcore kissing?

Hardcore kissing?

Open mouth, full tongue, no hesitation kissing?

Just… a lot a lot of kissing?

gif from shippingcontacts

I mean… of course you do, right?

All those kisses aren’t even spoilers, really. All that was just the first episode!

It was so spicy!

Love in the Air hooked me from the very beginning. I was COMPELLED by the flirty self-assurance of ponytail boy’s moves on an adorably dim rich boy and their undeniable chemistry.

And… who is this new ponytail boy?

gifs from prapais

I mean… hellooooooo, Boss.

I’d never seen this actor or his big eyed costar before. But they looked great together and I was eager to see more.

I am addicted to their faces

I’d just let my subscription to IQIYI lapse and was gonna hold out until Season 2 of KinnPorsche but apparently no… the “Son of Vegas” won me over.

Snaps to whomever is selecting their BL dramas on that app, too, cause they sure as hell know how to keep their tender hooks in us. Two billion heterosexual shows that I’ll never watch but I forked out the 10-ish bucks a month for the VIP IQIYI subscription again solely to watch one show about rich gay kids.

My socials were sprinkled with the show for the first ep… and there was quite a buzz about it.

gifs from liyazaki

But it blew up by episode 4. Like a nuclear bomb.

Whatever else had been distracting us was quickly pushed aside as Love in the Air became the main course for the next few months. The BL fandom was on board to witness the insane chemistry of two actors that have no problem convincing us they are head over heels in love and can’t keep their hands to themselves.

But of course, we didn’t just get one couple.

Love in the Air said let’s double that and give our audience two high-intensity couples!

Boss & Noeul playing Payu & Rain – Peat & Fort playing Sky & Prapai

If you enjoy watching people staring at each other lovingly, making out excessively, and then pouncing on each other like horny but respectful wild animals – then this is your show. It earned its NC-17 rating.


It has one. I’m pretty sure.

I dunno, I was hella distracted by all the tender touching and audible moaning.

Listen, there’s motorcycle races and architecture classes and a few scenes of the older guys at work… but really it’s just a romance, so the majority of the show is laser focused on watching the couples get together.

It’s all about the banter, the wooing, the seducing, the push and pull, the playful courtships, the insecurities, the eager hands, and the thrilling excitement of physical attraction and first loves.

Rating: 10/10. A Masterclass on Kissing.

I wouldn’t dig too deeply into it if you haven’t seen it yet.

I mean, I’m not sure it would matter… I’ve always been a fan of spoilers, but I will admit it was fun to wait week to week to discover what new sexy shenanigans the boys would get up to in the next episode. If you want to be breathlessly surprised, just go watch it. Love in the Air is on more than one app and streaming sites, so you should have zero problem finding this gem of a bl.

But if you’ve already seen it and just want to reminiscence or enjoy getting spoilery details… feel free to join me on this stupidly unnecessary deep dive into a rather simple show (it is NOT going to be deep, I promise, but it will be media heavy).

Now into the Spoiler Zone… where I just share a crap ton of gifs, pics, memes, and more from the fandom while rambling about the episodes.


Ah, Love in the Air.

Adapted from the novels “Love Storm” (พายุรักโถมใจ) and “Love Sky” (พระพายหมายฟ้า) by MAME…

… (here is a link to the unofficial eng translations of the novels… courtesy of bold-pie on Tumblr)

Ah, MAME. Who also penned the novel the TharnType series was based on. When you hear MAME, you expect a couple-focused sexy romp. And probably some problematic elements – or at least to some.

Listen, all jokes aside – there’s definitely stuff in this drama that might warrant a trigger warning.

So look it up first if that’s something you wish to do. It’s fine if ya do, too – take care of yourselves, everyone, no one is going to do it for you unless you’re in a romance drama. There’s scenes of abuse (albeit impressionistically done – they’re not gonna linger there for longer than required by the plot).

And there’s some aggressive flirting.

And this post is about to get really raunchy, frankly. With lots of NSFW pics and texts.

So… if you would prefer to skip out, you are excused.

I don’t expect the characters of my shows to behave like saints. Especially when it comes to dating in your college and young adult years. Cause dating during that time period of your life is sloppy and manipulative and mistakes are made and buttons pushed. That’s realism (well, as realistic as you can get considering the medium). And that’s all I want. A good romance. Bonus points if it’s sexy too.

If I can still be thinking about a show a few days after I watched it… or months after… then I’m over the moon.

This show promised to be a sexy good time.

And damn… it delivered.

soooooooooo much kisssssssinnnnnnnng

Truly a stand out in skinship in the BL industry.

I think from the original trailer, posters, and ads a lot of us were expecting two Dom Daddies of the standard variety who would bully their way into their love interests hearts.

I mean… just look at the motorcycles and the serious, unsmiling faces with intense eyes.

I mean… they ARE total daddies… but ended up more in the Sugar Daddy category rather than Dom Daddy

“Too Dom to Smile” is a pretty standard romance trope, after all.

And they attempted to stick to that storyline… at first…

But this façade quickly broke down because the two male leads couldn’t keep the smiles off their faces or the cartoon hearts from their eyes.

gif by nickmuch

These dudes were hypnotized by their “younger” counterparts and spent the vast majority of the show simping adorably as they chased their love interests around. Payu may have lingered around the Dom Daddy label with the feisty Rain, but Prapai never stood a chance against Sky.

I’ll give the casting directors full credit here – cause the dynamics off screen seem very similar to what we see on screen.

cuties cuties cuties

What a bunch of love-struck softies they all around each other!

This is not the behavior of straight dudes, either. Which is another perk of casting dudes who like to kiss dudes in your BL.

Gifs by bird-inacagewho really just kept us fed with her endless gif creations for this show

The off screen sizzle carried over on screen.

And we were treated to two excellent romances.

One at a time.

Love in the Air tried a unique strategy with its formatting – running through the timeline first with Couple #1 and then doubling back to run through the same events with Couple #2.

Couple #1 – Rain X Payu – the First Half of the Show

two of the most beautiful young men I have ever seen on screen

Rain is a freshman architecture student, played to perfection by the ever-so-charming Noeul Nuttarat Tangwai. He’s a spoiled mama’s boy, but not in a malicious way. He’s driving around in his uber-fancy car with the wide-eyed oblivious nature of someone who has never had to pay for a thing – but again, you don’t hate him for his entitlement – it’s just who he is.

Rain’s the adorable ditzy friend everyone loves. You get the sense immediately he’s a nice kid and means well though he’s got a lot of growing up to do. Though naïve and gullible, he’s also doggedly determined and steadfast in his goals.

Noeul captures the exuberant zeal of a college freshman to perfection – as well as the all-consuming obsessive tendencies of falling in love for the first time.

This couple’s Meet Cute was enough to convince me I was going to enjoy every second of their relationship. Rain’s car trouble in the rain, Payu cruising up beside him on his motorcycle… completely willing to help out a stranger… and even more so a sputtering, smiling cutie who will hold an umbrella over him while he works, getting soaked in the process.

Rain! He’s so freakin’ adorable.

Rain with his blatant honesty and lack of impulse control – Payu with his efficiency and sly regard.

What a great establishing scene for our couple.

Noeul’s stand out performance of a love smitten kitten would not be possible without his costar Boss Chaikamon Sermsongwittaya and their obvious je ne sais quoi.

There’s one thing that I believe is impossible to fake and that’s chemistry. You either zing or you don’t. It’s clear from every interview, every behind the scenes special, every scene unfolding in the series – that these two men have undeniable physical chemistry.

Boss played the character Payu, a recent graduate and still well-known star of the architecture department. He’s a workaholic who manages to keep up his job at an architecture firm, his family’s fancy car repair shop, and his side hustle of illegal street racing… and still squeeze in time to win the heart of a cute boy who caught his eye. A Multi-Tasker of Highest Order.

He’s got all the confidence of an extremely attractive guy who’s got more going for him than his looks alone. Bossy, playful, demanding, and even tempered – Payu is the perfect match to reign in Rain.

The first episode ended with Payu secretly snuggling the sleeping freshman who rolled into his arms. All that sexy bravado and then we get this intensely sweet and genuine nonsense?

this whole scene in gifs by perths

Of course we were going to fall in love with these two! They smush up their bodies so easily, so naturally, so instinctively. Like magnets, if they’re in a room together it won’t be long until one is touching the other… then hugging… then kissing… then…

Meanwhile the microphones pick up background noise or drop it randomly.

I don’t think I’ve ever watched a show with such uneven sound mixing.

Which is ridiculous, as everything else seemed very well done. Great sets, great lighting, great locations, great acting, great scene blocking. What happened with the sound?

Episodes 1-2Two Very Cute Boys Meet by Chance or Fate

Anyways, the first two episodes were Payu noticing the big eyes of Rain and stalking him around the town and campus, putting his hands on him every chance he could get. Playing hot and cold. Basically just manipulating and tormenting the young hottie. These kinds of stunts only work if you’re insanely hot or rich or both, cause otherwise no one would put up with it.

Hysterically, Payu’s end game (other than getting into Rain’s pants) is to teach the kid some manners. Rain is quick tempered with a foul mouth and often puts his foot in it. All his babbling and cursing has landed him in hot water several times in the first few episodes. He’s accidentally insulted and pissed off several of his friends and acquaintances.

Payu wastes no time blackmailing the boy into speaking respectfully by fixing his fancy car.

And then molesting him in a bathroom stall.

Geesh, that scene…

gifs from piningintrovert

text post by guzhu-furenthere’s a ton more on this Tumblr account too, check ’em out

Please teach me, too, Payu!

Obsessed at this point, Rain drags his bestie Sky along and sneaks into the illegal street racing event to track Payu down. And immediately gets caught by the gangsters who run it.

Payu saves his cute dumbass just in time.

Now genuinely annoyed with Rain and his carelessness – Payu is inspired to put his hands on Rain in a different way – giving the naughty boy a hard spanking in the comfort of his massive house.

spanking gifs from gunsatthaphan

Rain’s reaction to being scolded and punished?

He immediately switches gears and proclaims that he’s going to win the affection of this handsome man and throws himself at him.

call mew mew stupid, will ya? well come here and let me kiss you

gif by liyazaki

Listen, I snorted.

Cause that’s exactly the kind of dumb behavior that happens in Courtship 101 years. There’s a reason the internet has a thriving community of people giving advice on how to manipulate people into relationships.

Young folks, typically, aren’t that difficult to manipulate. I certainly wasn’t. Of course, when I was young, I would have insisted I was too wise to ever fall for such tactics… even as I used them and was used by them in turn.

Episode 3 – A Very Short Summary

Rain, now determined to win the affection of Payu, starts his stalking campaign – which is adorably blatant, basically just showing up Payu’s place of work nearly every day.

This proves to be successful (sometimes it’s the simplest strategy that’s works) and he wins some time with his stalker (stalkee). They go for dinner and flirt and make a scene. Honestly, they’re so freakin’ adorable by this point you will be captivated by even the most bare-bones plot line. They have so much chemistry it’s almost visible, like an aura or something. It’s a cute episode.

Rain is so distracted with the excitement of dating, he lets his classwork slip. Upset after bungling a major assignment, he shows up at Payu’s to be comforted. Ahhh… the cause and the cure, eh?

Episode 4 – Why Work Out if You Aren’t Going to Take Your Clothes Off?

Episode 4… the infamous “turning point” for this BL – where it went from mildly popular to being on everyone’s radar. What can I say? We are all particularly susceptible to hot sex scenes.

This is one of my fav fan video edits of this couple – from eps 1-4

Take a moment. Enjoy. Turn the CC on for eng subs.

In episode 4, Payu once again uses his sex appeal to force Rain to improve himself.

This time he’s forcing Rain to refocus on his college courses – saying he won’t see him again until he proves he can balance his life better. Rain does his best to stick to his college, but needs the visual reminder of what he’s working for… and starts showing up at Payu’s place again to study and do his school work. Payu caves and let’s the cutie linger around while working towards his goal, encouraging him with a little PDA.

Seriously, where was this guy when I was flunking out of college my first round, bewitched by the siren song of my hormones?

gifs by paisky

There is a genuine glow of first love about them and you can’t help but smile when they share their first real kiss.

It carries on with a montage of sorts of Rain getting his shit together and getting praised by his professors for doing good work in college. He immediately rushes to his man’s house to share the news of his success.

text post by viva-yas-vegas

And then Payu rewards Rain with dick.

As the good lord intended.

I’m pretty sure we’d have a powerful intellectual elite in any country that offered sex with hotties as a reward for good grades. Incentives are more inspiring than punishments, after all.

The infamous first sex scene just happened to coincide with the death of British Monarch Queen Elizabeth II. September 8, 2022. No offense to the late Queen but we all found this terribly funny for some reason. We’re probably jerks for that, but whatever. Sorry, England.

Don’t forget you can click on any image to enlarge.



Payu & Rain’s sex scene wasn’t a short scene or a fade out scene either. It was a loooooong scene. That started in the bathtub and worked its way to the bedroom. And it took us along for the ride. Even with the careful editing – it was hot and tender.

And audible.

Though the sound mixing on this show is generally questionable – I will say they did everyone an unexpected favor by including hot mics all over the sexy scenes. If you have good speakers on your phone or your tv or whatever, Love in the Air has some treats for you.

You hear every gasp, moan, hitch of breath, groan, murmur, and sigh (I mean, if you can hear it over your own gasps and moans and sighs).

gifs by piningintrovert

These boys go at in full stereo.

It’s a very immersive experience. Sexy ASMR, if you will. Expect full body tingles.

Thank you LITA.

And thank you gif creators.

gifs by paisky

gifs by liyazaki

gifs by akindofemotionaltether

Seriously, gif makers are gods.

And thank you my BL fandom friends for going through it with me.

Swipe right to view the gallery images.

Episode 5 – Boyfriend Provides Home Visits

Now that Payu has fucked Rain he decides its time to fuck with Rain’s emotions again. Consistency is king.

He’s shameless. And really commits to his bits.

But you can’t stay mad at him for more than five seconds cause he’s just a devious creature who immediately kisses the holes he’s poked into your self-esteem.

see the full gifset of Rain’s torment by wahgifstext post by viva-yas-vegas

Other than playfully tormenting his new boyfriend, Payu also treats Rain to even more hot kissing.

Like… everything that happened in that bedroom. Payu buttering up Rain’s mom. The “punishment.” The soft confessions and manipulations and labeling of their relationship. So romantic and crazy and sweet.

I mean… it was so weirdly nostalgic, too. I remember when I could sit on a bed or couch and make out with someone like it was an Olympic sport, just enamored with their face.

These boys can kiss, too.

see the full gifsets by dramaism and gunsattahpan

That’s some legit smoochin’.

As I sputtered and slid off my couch, overwhelmed.

Also in this episode…

Rain’s best friend Sky finds out about his relationship and teases him mercilessly while they enjoy fine dining on a rooftop.

Rain further demonstrates the benefits of dating a moron, as we witness the charm of his bubbly baffoonery.

And then it wraps up with Payu serenading Rain. I’m talking a full song with a romantic montage slideshow.

Just… stop it, ya multi-talented foreign idols.

I didn’t realize the boys sang the theme song until a few eps in

Episode 6 – Off to the Races

Payu takes Rain to his favorite hobby – illegal motorcycle racing sponsored by the criminal underworld.

There’s drama at the tracks, and a lot of overlapping layers that play off each other nicely. As far as plot goes, this is one of the denser episodes. Not only do we get all kinds of plot threads and conflict and excitement… we also get even more couple moments.

Rain & Payu are in their honeymoon phase and doting on each other and there’s linked arms and nose kisses and soft confessions and lots of… ahem… love in the air.

gif by wahgifs

As such, when the second sex scene between these two unfolds – it has a whole different level of energy. Rain no longer needs any coaxing whatsoever – he’s fully on board to get down by this point. He’s watched his man wipe the floor with a bully on the racetrack and has not stopped staring at Payu’s racing suit since he put it on.

God love the man and his costume kink.

so many hot gifs from liyazaki

This whole episode was soooo good.

Just scene after scene of romance and lust and love.

I mean…

I could watch this these scenes for days.


gifs by buildjakapan

“I’ll train you to be the best rider.”

I lost my mind, friends.

And I was not the only one loosing my mind.

Everyone watching was loosing their mind.

gifs by wahgifs

These two were killing us.

In the most romantic and beautiful way… I mean look at this soft lighting…

I should like to die with such cinematography.

Just toss some flowers on my corpse and don’t forget to restart the episode on your way out.

gifs by prometheuswelch

Here is the full uncut scene… just in case you haven’t seen it or feel like seeing it again, cause why wouldn’t you?

Link just below image…

full uncut version scene by alwayspining

Permanently seared into my brain.

The BL fandom collective passed out after screaming for 4 minutes straight.

Much like the actors when watching their own scenes.

The full video is linked below the images – and the volume warning is no joke – they are screaming

WATCH IT – best clip from reaction video pulled by naoenjoyer

The fandom was having fun fanning themselves, too.

We could feel our cheeks getting hot and our jaws unhinging.

gifs by @liyazaki on Tumblr

okay, okay…

deep breaths, everyone… deep breaths…

let’s move on…

Episode 7 – Payu Let’s His Handsome Face Get Pummeled for His Sweetie

Episode 7 is a bit of ridiculous high stakes action – with Rain being kidnapped by rich bully boys and quickly saved.

It’s important narratively though as it shows Payu’s real devotion to Rain.

He may be the coolest cat in town – but he doesn’t hesitate to humble himself and lay down and submit to physical abuse to protect Rain. His ego is big, but his love of Rain is bigger.

Their story arc ends with them being stupidly in love and we (hate them) love them for it.

geesh kill us already – gifs by gunsathapan

Welcome Sky X Prapai.

We are now entering Part 2 of Love in the Air.

With Couple #2.

Ep 8-9 – Prapai & Sky Finally Get Their Love Story

Who knows how many couples started out as one night stands? It’s how my brother met his lady love and they’ve been together over 15 years now.

So let’s rewind that drama timeline alllllll the way back now… to the college boys sneaking into the illegal street race. To Rain getting caught by Payu… which leads to some light discipline and forceful smooching.

And to Sky… who got caught by the sly Prapai.

gifs by gunsatthaphan

And paid the toll… so to speak… repeatedly.

gifs from gunsatthaphan

We are already aware of both these characters by this point in the show – as consistent side characters.

So we know Sky is Rain’s best friend and we’ve giggled at his eye rolls and snark and genuine support of his goofy pal.

We know Prapai is a charming cutie and the reigning champion of illegal street racing. In this ep, we quickly learn he is a CEO at his father’s company (ahhh neopotism) and stupidly wealthy as well.

Listen, god just loves some of us more than others.

At first I wasn’t sold on the second romance. This smug muscled business cutie with our snarky skinny Sky?

But apparently a grumpy, pouty, huffy sex kitten is exactly Prapai’s type – cause he could not shake their blackmail-booty encounter from his mind.

After a few months of basking in this happy memory… he decides he’s ready for Round 2.

Though Prapai is only running after Sky for another tumble in the sheets, it’s clear to everyone he’s already head over heels.

I mean… look at this fool.

various pics of Prapai being whipped – see gifs at bird-inacage

He’s been sitting around smiling into the distance during board meetings and after morning coffee and at night and anytime he brings up his current obsession.

The dumb smitten idiot.

Episodes 1-8 | My affectionate endearments for Prapai VS Names Prapai has been called (so far) by bird-inacage

We loved him.

The man is utterly clueless in his pursuit of skittish Sky, too, which is probably hella realistic cause this is not the type of guy who has ever had to TRY to get someone to like him. This may well be his first attempt at winning someone over.

Is there anything more awkward than Prapai’s courtship of Sky? Maybe in Japanese BL’s, but this was top tier cringe disaster for a Thai BL.

After his totally bizarre phone stalking doesn’t work out, he goes through Rain in order to meet up with Sky again. And we are graced with one of the funniest scenes in the entire show. God love all of them for their comedic timing and facial expressions. This gifset with added subtitles makes it even funnier:

gifs by the insanely talented prapais

I love how Rain comes across as even sillier when we get to this section of the story – but let’s face it, he’s a bit spacy by nature and now he’s balancing school and dating – he doesn’t have time to focus on much else.

Personally, I think I was still too cracked out on Rain & Payu to really enjoy Sky & Prapai and their strange domestic storyline at first… which seemed to be a lot of grumpy hesitation and aggressively unbothered pursuit… followed by what seemed to me an excessively long series of nurse-maiding and domestic caretaking.


If you have ever watched any of the videos from the channel Flatbush Cats – then you know exactly what I mean. This calm, assured voice narrates how he and his network of cat rescuers and foster parents take cats off the streets of New York and slowly, with patience and repetition and care, win over the hearts of these shy, closed off animals who had clearly given up on being loved.

Seeing as I how I regularly watch these videos and get emotional over them – it was only a matter of time before Couple #2 won me over by mimicking this style of slow, sincere love.

I came around in Ep 10, you know… the episode where Prapai is still playing nurse to Sky. The episode where they draw on each other’s palms.

But it wasn’t the dynamics of Prapai pampering Sky in bed or mutually grinning over their temporary love tattoos that sold me…

It was the stuff going on around them and how it finally clicked in my head these two were perfect for each other. It was hearing Prapai calling his boss / dad to get some time off work while warmly teasing him. It was Prapai calling his mom to get advice on how to care for someone with a fever. It was how he set up his office in Sky’s bed so he could keep an eye on him while he worked. It was how he lovingly shared details of his siblings with Sky while promising to introduce them soon. It was how Prapai just showed up to Sky’s event for no reason other than to be a shoulder to lean on.

The man is a caregiver.

A handsome mom with a strong sex drive.

The type to maintain harmony in a household.

I gave up all resistance and started to ship this couple in earnest in this episode because of their emotional (and horny) need for each other.

Prapai is stupid rich, after all. He doesn’t need anyone for self esteem or for society. His mother, as referenced, only wants to see her children find someone nice and settle down. He already has friends and a hobby and a great job. His family loves him openly and they are close. So what does Prapai even need? What would be valuable to someone like this?

Prapai loves to be needed. To be helpful, depended on, supportive.

How do we know?

Because of the relationship we can gather he has with his parents. And because of his siblings.

They say he raised them. Verbatim. They openly adore him. They seek him out at work comfortably, as if this is a common occurrence. The comfortable way they discuss their family and dating choices (being a bunch of gay and bisexual sluts) means they have done all this many many times before and are open and honest with one another, they don’t keep secrets.

Prapai is the oldest. He has undoubtedly been their shoulder to cry on and their role model, cheerleader, mentor, and support. Their body language together is unmistakable. The younger siblings feel unconditional love, enough to be naughty and playful and real with each other without fear.

On the other end of this we have Sky.

Sky the feral cat who is surviving but it’s hard work and he’s doing it all alone. He ultimately doesn’t need anything BUT love and support… and to trust someone enough to let them take care of him of occasion.

It’s obvious he works extremely hard, maintains friends, and is close with his family.

could I love this little twat more? impossible

But he’s also a secret keeper, he’s guarded, he’s distrustful, he’s protecting himself from harm. He doesn’t let anyone too close.

His best friend Rain is someone he can openly tease and be mad at without fear of damaging the friendship – a true sign of closeness – yet he has not shared certain personal aspects of himself with Rain because he also knows Rain could not help. Of course he would be supportive, but Rain doesn’t have the emotional maturity to deal with it or be the foundation of strength Sky so desperately needs.

In many ways, Sky needs someone stronger than him. Someone who doesn’t need anything from him – doesn’t need him to be the peacemaker, the breadwinner, the trophy, the taskmaster, the doting boyfriend, or the innocent puppy who quickly folds into the life of its new owner.

Sky is stubborn, smart, and not naive about the world. He just needs someone who sees that and merely wants to be around, to help, to offer support, to accept him and love him – so he can be comfortable enough to love them back. So he can be comfortable enough to let someone else help him for once, and not the other way around. Sky needs someone to ease the burdens he carries on his thin shoulders.

So… yeah. They’re a perfect matched set.

They don’t need anything but each other.

Look at this show bringing such maturity and nuance to his hot NC-17 drama?

this scene with audio here on fortpeat

How to win over a feral cat 101. Don’t lose heart when they don’t immediately warm up to you. Just keep up your steady, warm approach.

None of us in the viewing audience were gonna be happy until feral cat Sky was adopted, chipped, and set for life.

And Prapai was the man to do it.

Episodes 11-12 – That Awkward Phase Where Your Feral Cat Purrs Then Scratches You Before Deciding You Might Be Ok After All

They get intimate again and it’s both really funny because of how flustered and eager Prapai is… and also just a perfect scene showing how far they’ve come in their relationship.

The dialogue in particular is just… perfection… and deserves to be savored by everyone. So here’s is the whole scene leading up to the scene.

gifset of this scene by piningintrovert

It’s also just really intense cause you can tell these boys are deeply in love by this point.

the way they’re looking at each other – see the gifs at baijingting!

You can watch the whole uncut scene if so inclined by following the link under this image.

whole scene captured by alwayspining

Anyways – these last two episodes are about Sky slowly letting go of his trust issues and allowing Prapai fully into his life.

There are a few set backs and boundary testing… and Prapai hanging onto him like he’s the last bit of floating debris after the Titanic crashed. It’s all very emotional – I will admit I may have sniffled a bit while watching this unfold.

gifs by dreamingsnowflake2013

We dive deeper into Sky’s past trauma and enjoy the catharsis of him finally opening up about it.

It’s not pleasant. Sky’s been through a lot. And will go through a bit more before this whole show wraps up.

I just want to pause for a second and applaud the dude who played Sky’s evil Ex-Boyfriend. Cause damn, he did a great job. It’s always a tough role – being the villain of a story – especially playing an abuser. But this dude did great and was genuinely scary in his strange, sneaky, sly way. Same goes for his weaselly friend.

I’d love to see this villain play a sweetheart in his next show – if you’ve watched the behind the scenes footage you’ll know the actor has the cutest, biggest smile…

Prapai saves the day and wins over the grumpy cat Sky, of course.

It happens to all dads.

They say they don’t want a cat but somehow become the cats favorite person and end up spoiling it worse than any child or grandchild. They will literally get up in the dead of night to go turn on the water faucet for it and not move for hours cause the cat is so comfortable they can’t possibly disturb its sleep.

It’s the exact same energy.

And once they were together – who could deny their cuteness?

love and happiness

The Prapai X Sky Fandom is a bit more passionate than the Payu X Rain Fandom (which I think is just hornier). There’s just more to their story. Heck, even I ended up rambling about Prapai and Sky’s emotional needs for longer than I intended.

Anyways, the fans have created soooo much outstanding content. I mean… just look at this video edit, for crying out loud.

And this one – which is just… so, so so good. Where did all these talented video editors come from?

So back to our show.

There’s also some cute scenes with Rain & Payu and the assorted cast going on that help relieve the tension. Rain being completely oblivious to the fact that Prapai and Sky have started dating.

This hysterical scene where Prapai parades Sky to Payu’s auto shop so he can officially announce their relationship status to his friends.

It’s all really funny and cute. Rain’s face in particular had me giggling.

There are some truly memorable side-cast characters in this show, too – but I won’t dive into that or we’d be here all day and you’ve already been here, like… what? A week?

How fast do you read anyways?

Anyways – here are a few more of my favorite scenes from the show and some more fandom silliness… in no particular order.

So the whole show wrapped up in a very satisfying, emotional way.

But was it the end?

Oh hell no.

Remember that cute photo of our boys on Prapai’s desk?

Well, the production company thought we deserved a bonus episode with a change of scenery. A Special Episode was waiting for us… lurking… with is promised (and delivered, holy god did it ever) NC17 scenes of our couples enjoying being couples at the beach.

The Love in the Air Special Episode.

When you get to unwrap the present you picked out for yourself.

I mean, god bless this gif set by laurenkmyers

Gentlemen! This is a place of business!

The Special Episode was available for purchase off Vimeo.

I mean… the sheer genius of this move. Now that we are hooked, basically cut out the “middle man” and snag a bunch of $$$$ (that no doubt went to securing fuel for some CEO’s jet and not the dozens of staff and other nameless folks that probably didn’t even get a Christmas card – but that’s the nature of our economic beast right now and the monster knows how to appease us well so we don’t get the villagers together to kill it… it offers us small doses of dopamine to subdue us. Gah, and it works! I can’t be mad while watching hot boys kiss! Why are we like this?!).

The Special Episode takes place shortly after the last official episode but also before the final scene… .which is a bit wonky but don’t stress over it.

Both couples are in peak honeymoon phase – where every excuse to get naked it taken advance of.

I mean… none of us purchased the special episode expecting to get too much plot.

We knew what we wanted to see and this show said “with pleasure, viewing audience.”

geeeeeeeeesh – daddy scene gifs by piningintrovert

Sky & Rain decide to go on vacation – basically as a pretty obvious ploy to establish a little power over their powerful boyfriends and get them to follow them to a tropical location for some vacation-booty.

It also gave us some fluffy humor and some paybacks for ideas planted earlier in the season, like Rain’s costume kink.

And remember the dream sequence Rain had about them about being dressed up like historical Koreans?

We get plant and payoff with that that too.

We also get the unexpected plant and payback of our manga-reading Sky getting to act out his fantasy of being the king of pirates.

I thought this was one of the best most unexpected treats of the episode.

Sky is a wacky little guy, but him walking around in public in full cosplay with total confidence was the BEST.

There were all kinds of great “extras” in this special episode.

Other than the booty, I mean.

Rain & Sky gossiping about their boyfriend “problems” and teasing each other mercilessly because they both know they don’t have any problems at all but are enjoying being overdramatic together.

The besties running off to the beach together attempting to talk about something other than their boyfriends – when its clear that is all that is on their minds.

Cute little moments with our architecture students – in particular Sig being a scene stealer one last time.

We also got this adorable interaction between Prapai and his equally charming, smug younger brother. The apple has not fallen far, eh?

seriously, if you are on tumblr and not following bird-inacage what are you doing with your life?

I personally would have loved another scene of Sky with Prapai’s whole family, showing how comfortably adopted he is and how fawned over – but this is a Thai drama and not a Korean drama.. so I will settle for this.

That whole scene with Sky leading Prapai to the bathtub and his face! When he did that double-take I literally laughed out loud.

Everyone had a satisfying bonus-ending and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful marriage proposal on screen. The golden hour, the sea, Sky’s face lit up like he won the lottery.


seriously – these actors really brought all the emotions, including overwhelmed by true love

Now that Love in the Air is on Viki, you have a change to see it with improved subtitles. Which I recommend.

The vast crew of multi-lingual translators are still dropping eps onto Viki at the time of this writing – but I imagine they’ll all be available very soon.

It’s so hard to say goodbye! I sincerely loved this show. It was so fun and sexy.

If you’ve already seen it and want some new content – I can’t stress enough how much fun you’ll have watching the Behind the Scenes footage of each episode. Here’s a link to the full playlist.

I also recommend watching the Cast Reactions video series – where they pull highlighted moments from each episode and let the cast chat or giggle about it. Here’s a link to that full playlist.

Of course, all the social media platforms are filled with bonus materials – from photo shoots to interviews to short videos of all the cast goofing around. One of my favorite random fandom things is this insane performance of the boys dancing around to infamous K-Pop songs on stage… I mean… the drama promotional machines of Thailand are on another level.

Noell is just killing it. With his killer dance moves and black hair. I mean, they are all killing it. The fact that these actors run around do concerts and sing to their fans is just wild to me.

Anyways, time to wrap it up. It’s been fun.

final gif by bird-inacage

Thank you for wading through this scrapbook of fandom with me.

2 thoughts on “Love in the Air : A Masterclass in Kissing – A Review

    • I am LOVING that show! It’s the one I most look forward to each week right now… so yeah… I’ll probably drop a review for it after it wraps up. 🙂

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