Review – Spy Myung Wol

Review – Spy Myung Wol

Spy Myung Wol is one of those adorable, zany romantic comedies that came out a while back – with heavy handed shenanigans, lots of side characters, tons of extras, and these stellar cliches for leads that are so out there you can’t help but love them.  Think… The Greatest Love or You Are Beautiful or Fated To Love You or Secret Garden.  Zany.  With handguns!  This drama is about a North Korean spy who ends up getting entangled with a South Korean actor/rockstar.  National politics, international intrigue, paparazzi, and a hosts of fans are thrown into the mix for a good-hearted romp of a show.  Not only are the two leads highly amusing, but there’s a whole gift basket full of side characters that are witty and entertaining.  It’s so much fun!

Overall Rating – 9/10.  The Drama Between North & South Korea Is Nothing Compared To The Drama Between Men & Women.

Mild Spoilers & Fan Gushing Follow

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Review – Will It Snow for Christmas?

Review – Will It Snow for Christmas?

Will It Snow for Christmas is a romantic drama about two star-crossed lovers who must first climb Mount Everest, then maybe Mount Olympus, fight off a horde of zombies, learn to breathe underwater, travel through time and cure cancer before ever getting together.  At least, that’s what it feels like.  Saying they had to overcome obstacles is too tame a word.  Ah, but clearly they’re meant to be together, these two unfortunate souls, but first we have to get through the drama.

And what a drama!  This will probably forever remain in my top 10 – because it’s a great story, has an awesome cast and I find myself wanting to rewatch it all the time.

Overall Rating:  10/10

The premise of this show is important – so gather round, ye children, and listen closely as I tell you a story about a very unlucky set of children.


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