Oh, Noona! Oh, No.

Oh, Noona! Oh, No.

This morning I woke up still high as a kite from the ten-star romance of Dr. Kkang.  I did a quick scope of my que in dramafever, cruised a few blogging favorites to see if anything jumped out at me… and was knocked in the face by everyone’s gushing over Secret Love Affair.  Okay, sure, I’ll probably watch it eventually.  But my gut reaction is to empty my gut.  Gross.  I don’t particularly care for stories involving old dudes hooking up with nubile young women and I am an equal opportunist with my disgust over the opposite scenario as well.

Secret Love Affair. Keep it a secret, please.


Okay, disgust may be too strong a word.  People are free to love who they please, age is just a number, blah blah blah.  If you find your mental and emotional equal in someone who is separated from you by a decade or two, then the stars have aligned and you should congratulate yourself on the good fate that brings you happiness.  But when I watched “I Hear Your Voice,” I just kept thinking that the female lead was immensely immature for her age.  We’re supposed to believe she has a law degree?  And still has the emotional maturity of a teenager?  He was running around in a school uniform, for crying out loud.  Get a dog, lady.  Adopt a kid if you must cause your couple-photos look like headline news for a sex scandal.  Can this kid even vote yet?

I Hear Your Voice. I hear sirens coming to arrest you.

In My Sweet Seoul the lead female was having a shitty week, by God.  She targeted her one night stand and ended up with a longer-than-expected romance with her young cutie-pie.  At least she had the good sense to realize the relationship was doomed and they parted ways amicably.

My Sweet Seoul. A sweet mistake.

Not all noona romances inspire me to nausea.  Sometimes it works.  My Lovely Sam Soon is a good example.  Sure, there was a bit of an age difference – but they were both professionals.  The guy ran a business, for crying out loud, I think its safe to say he’s mature enough to handle an older woman.

My Lovely Sam Soon

My Lovely Sam Soon. Comedy goldmine.

Now that I’ve worked in a high school for a few years – the noona romance becomes more and more uncomfortable for me.  I already have a hard time disassociating certain actors from their well known roles.  For example, in What’s Up, Fox? about every five minutes my brain went “Oooh, I love you, Mishil!”  Then it went “Oooh, Mishil, you naughty woman!  How old is that kid, you shameless hussy?”

What’s Up, Fox? A kit.

Oh, noona.  You bad, bad woman.  Sure, the dating scene is difficult to navigate… but there’s no need to start stealing children.  Leave that to the professionals.

Professional Child Catcher.

This is the only person who should be robbing the cradle.  (from the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang)


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