2021 Korean Drama Awards

Korean Drama Awards of 2021 – According to me. Featuring only shows that came out in 2021 (with Eng Subtitles)… and to be fair, I certainly didn’t watch every show that came out this past year. But of the ones I did watch… here we go!


Best Romance: Mr. Queen

Best Comedy: Mr. Queen

Best Historical: Mr. Queen

Best Fantasy/Sci Fi: The Silent Sea

Best Mystery: Mouse

Best LGBTQ+: Devil Judge

Best Action: Taxi Driver

Best Drama: Move to Heaven



Best Plot Twists: Mouse

Most Unexpected Hit: Squid Game

Best for Fandom: Devil Judge

Most Likely to Make You Cry: Move to Heaven

Best Couple: Devil Judge

Best Side Couple: Nevertheless

Best Cinematography: Move to Heaven

Best Set Designs: Squid Game and The Silent Sea

Biggest Disappointment: Doom at Your Service

Drama I Loved that Everyone Hated: L.U.C.A. The Beginning

Best Actress of the Year: Shin Hye-sun (Mr. Queen)

Best Actor of the Year: Lee Je-hoon (Move to Heaven and Taxi Driver)

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