The Re-Watch – Why You Should Go Back

Every drama fan knows you can’t really rewatch your favorite shows too many times.  They’re just long enough that you can’t possibly remember everything – even with repeated viewing.  A lot of shows get better the second or third time around.  A few of them slip down your charts.  Not everything can stand up to the test of time.  But a good rewatch is needed to fully appreciate K-Dramas.  Especially if you’ve been watching mainly new dramas.


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3 Day Weekend… Choosing a Drama for MLK

I’ve got a three day weekend ahead of me… which means, conceivably, I could watch an entire drama, start to finish.  Binge, baby, binge!  But what to watch, what to watch? 어떻게해야 하나요?  Dilemma!

Here is what I’ve narrowed it down to…

HEALER (haven’t seen it, hear it’s good) – embarrassing update… I have seen this before after all.  Twice!   And it was AWESOME.  

SIGNAL (haven’t seen it, everyone is buzzing)

COFFEE PRINCE (cause it’s been a few years and that’s a few years too many)

So, friends… what do you think?

The King – Movie Musings

I just watched the trailer for The King, though honestly I didn’t have to.  My movie ticket was sold the second I found out who the leads are.  Jo In-Sung and Jung Woo-Sung?  Sign me up, please.

Though the movie does actually look good.   Nah, that’s a total lie.  The movie could just be Jo In-Sung and Jung Woo-Sung sitting across the table from each other playing Go and recalling childhood experiences and I would watch it for hours.  I love these guys!  They’re two of my favorite actors.


Wonder how long until we get a nice sub version of this in the States?

Gong Yoo is Too Sweet to be Scary

I’ve been loving Goblin… even though it has SOOO MANY PROBLEMS… I don’t care one bit.  I absolutely love this show so far and don’t mind it’s many, many issues with pacing, plot, and irregularities.  Gong Yoo is too freakin’ sweet, that’s why!  Pair him with the most adorable lost puppy eyed Grim Reaper of all time and you’ve left me with a shameless school girl crush on a show that doesn’t really deserve it.  But it does.  But it doesn’t!  But it does.  Oh… Goblin… my love for you is as ridiculously irrational as my crushes in real life.  The heart wants what it wants and it wants to see you wandering around a city with your ankles showing from under your short hemmed pants, apparently.


I mean… look at him!  Look at this handsome, sensitive man who smiles too easily to ever be a believable army general.  It’s like casting Tom Hanks a serial killer.  It just doesn’t work… his soul is too pure, it shows through the eyes… even if he is an amazing actor, there are some things that just don’t work.  Gong Yoo covered in blood?  Uhm… no.  Preposterous.  Outrageous.  Ludicrous.  And I still don’t care cause I love it so… they could have him run down the street with a chainsaw at this point and I’d still go “Oh my gosh, he’s soo sweet!  Look at him go!”

I look forward to reviewing this show when it’s done crossing the great subtitle divide to dramafever.  Until then… just had to take a moment and gush over it.  So cute!  So, so cute… gah…

The Other Guy – 4 Favorite Second Lead and Bit Part Actors

The Other Guy – 4 Favorite Second Lead and Bit Part Actors

There are faces that show up repeatedly in dramas:  you know, the ones that don’t inspire teenagers to buy stickers of their faces, the ones that aren’t turned into banners for blogs and desktop wallpapers.  The other guys.

Just like in American cinema, these side actors never go hungry.  Their resumes are long.  Pages and pages and pages of roles played.  They must know everyone by now.  The mailman hates them at Christmas time.  I love them all the time.

My Top 4 Other Guys are an easy pick.

Number 1

Park Chul-Min – Comic Relief.  Just looking at him makes me feel better.


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Oh, Noona! Oh, No.

Oh, Noona! Oh, No.

This morning I woke up still high as a kite from the ten-star romance of Dr. Kkang.  I did a quick scope of my que in dramafever, cruised a few blogging favorites to see if anything jumped out at me… and was knocked in the face by everyone’s gushing over Secret Love Affair.  Okay, sure, I’ll probably watch it eventually.  But my gut reaction is to empty my gut.  Gross.  I don’t particularly care for stories involving old dudes hooking up with nubile young women and I am an equal opportunist with my disgust over the opposite scenario as well.

Secret Love Affair. Keep it a secret, please.


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Be My Secretary! – The Beautiful Working Women of K-Dramas

Be My Secretary! – The Beautiful Working Women of K-Dramas

Korean dramas are littered with beautiful Korean people.  I get k-crushes on quite a few of them… Ko Soo, Kim Na Gil, Ha Ji Won, Yun Jung Hoon, Jun Ji Hyun, Yang Dong Geun, and so on.  But sometimes they’re so awesome they seem untouchable.  Even a harmless crush might stain their flawless veneer.  They should be admired… like a work of art.  Look but don’t touch, people!

So let us take a moment to admire one of my favorite side characters:  The Secretary.  Yes, I can’t even say the word secretary without thinking of that deliciously pervy movie with James Spader or the outrageous bombshell figure of the red head from Mad Men.  But those secretaries were touchable… and were touched quite often on screen, if memory serves (it does, and so does my rewind button).  The Secretaries we’re discussing here are the idols of Korean work life.  You can worship them unclothed if you like, but they will not be moved.  They have ascended to a higher plain of existence… where they can steal all our attention away from the female leads without batting an eyelash.

Who are these killer coworkers?  Let us explore…

Every so often I come across one of these absolutely stunning working women… be they secretaries or coworkers or presidents or managers.  Wow.  Talk about incentive to get to work every morning.  If you’ve seen Lie To Me, you probably noticed the extremely hot secretary lurking in the shadows of our male lead.  It was hard to miss her.  She seemed ten times cooler than the female lead but thankfully didn’t get entangled in a love-triangle… cause let’s face it, she was ten times cooler than the male lead too.  These working ladies always know what’s really going on in the dramas.  They know all, they see all.  They’re goddesses amongst mortals.

Park Ji-Yoon played the secretary in Lie to Me.

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