KinnPorsche : The Horniest Show on Earth – A Review

***Please Note: This review is extremely media heavy (lots of gifs & images) so give your device a minute to load. P.S. All images can be enlarged if you click on them.

KinnPorsche is a Thai BL, aka a “boys love” series, created specifically with the fandom of BL in mind.

It’s a story about a mafia boss recruiting a new bodyguard and their subsequent romance as they navigate the criminal underworld, attempt to unravel the complicated web of their families, and find excuses to take each others clothes off.

The one scene we all remember from the original trailer

And like millions of others around the globe, I am currently obsessed with it.

Listen, I don’t know how to phrase this accurately – but this show gave me everything I wanted. As a fan of dramas. As a gay lady. As a content creator and consumer. KinnPorsche said, “Here, have Everything.” Including things I didn’t even know I wanted (which I will explain later).

Is it for you? It might be.

This fanmade music video is better than any trailer for the show. Check it out to see if you want to check it out.

I have loved a lot of dumb shows in my lifetime, but rarely has a series actually loved the audience back as much as this show.

The fandom was feral while this was airing. The euphoric high of waiting week to week, sharing gifs, theorizing, gushing and groaning and getting goosebumps together going over the last episode as anticipation grew to a frantic frenzy for the next. Ya’ll. Seriously. Summer of 2022 was sizzling.

If you have not noticed the fandom freakout over this series – and also somehow managed to avoid major spoilers or couple moments or Youtube & TikTok videos, Tumblr posts, Twitter threads, and so on… then wow. Congratulations! You may yet enjoy a pure viewing experience of this masterpiece.

If you have noticed it all and thought… what in the world is all this horny mess and should I check this out? Then yes, you should also watch it and wait with impatience for all of the scenes you have already seen to unfold before your eyes.

(images from Tumblr @moerusai – one of the supreme leaders of the Kinnporsche empire / fandom)

If you are coming from watching Korean Dramas or perhaps never watched an Asian drama at all – there are a few things you should know.

Without spoilers – please keep these things in mind:

  • The plot is a minor inconvenience. By that I mean do not go into this show expecting a deep dive into machinations of the Thai mafia, serious character studies, profound explorations of morals or psychology or anything else that usually sneaks its way into mafia-centric media. Don’t get me wrong, there is mafia-ish stuff happening. But don’t dig too deep into it. If you aren’t coming into this show exclusively to have fun watching gorgeous men get together while wearing suits and wielding guns, then check your tickets cause you may have purchased them in error.
  • The Action Sequences remind me of action TV from America the 1980-1990s. Meaning, they are not the highly cut, crazy angle, so-fast-you-nearly-miss-it, typical American style action-sequencing of today’s shows. They’re more on level and in real time. Still impressive to the modern eye but don’t expect John Wick, ya dig? Oh, and occasionally there are “tango-action” sequences… where the characters literally roll onto each other or into each others arms or whatever… and yeah, it’s ridiculous but it’s also sexy and fun and reminds you this isn’t The Godfather, this is a gay romance.
  • The Genre Shifts Constantly but should not be too jarring to anyone familiar with Asian dramas, which frequently jump from comedy to melodrama to romance to action and back all in one episode. There will be hot sensual scenes followed by slapstick, cheeky comedy… and mafia shootouts followed by bodyguards sitting around gossiping… serious plot moments followed by drunken dancing at a bar. And that’s just the nature of the beast with this show.
  • Most importantly, you should know IT’S SUPER GAY and in no way ashamed of it or apologetic about it or even that concerned with your opinions of the subject. This is not a show about coming out, gay self acceptance, or homophobia. This show takes place in a strange alternate dimension where very few women have speaking roles and nearly every man is gay or bisexual. This is peak BL, people.

KinnPorsche has become a global phenomenon and I would recommend it to everyone just so you aren’t being left out. What do you have to lose? The two male leads are exceptionally attractive, have unbelievable chemistry together, and there are plenty of enjoyable “mafia” moments inbetween all kinds of goofy shenanigans and kissing. KinnPorsche is both PG and NC-17 and you will have fun bouncing between the two.

(images above from Tumblr @kinnporsche)

So go and download IQIYI (or find some alt links – keep reading this post *wink *wink) and watch the show if you haven’t.

KinnPorsche (Thai BL) – Overall Rating: 10/10. The Horniest Show on Earth, otherwise known as Whump and Rump in the Gay Mafia.

In the sections below, I will be rambling on these topics:

  • THE LORE & BACKSTORY (no spoilers – the backstory to this show is just as wild as the show itself – includes all trailers and promos)
  • THE CHARACTERS (no deep dives here, folks, just a quick hello to our major players)
  • THE COUPLES: KINN / PORSCHE (spoiler city)
  • THE COUPLES: VEGAS / PETE (spoiler city)
  • THE WORLD TOUR (in which I lose my mind, collectively, with the fandom)

Want to know more?

A FANDOM LOVE STORY: Spoilers, Gossip, Trailers, Pics, Gifs, and More below…

REMINDER: THERE ARE TONS OF GIFS AND IMAGES – so your page/scroll may be a bit slow to load. But it’s worth it… so give it a second. 🙂


Knives out, people!

Let us now explore how this show turned a grown woman into a teetering, giggling fangirl. I’m honestly surprised I didn’t start hanging posters on my wall.

As an American who watches predominantly Asian media, I already have a hard time finding people to talk to about my shows. You start branching off into the BL genre and you’ve gone niche… into a subculture. Of course, the plus side of that is niche fandoms are usually loud. They’ll yell at each other across oceans to gush over their current obsession.

So that’s what I experienced with KinnPorsche…

A global subculture phenomenon.

It seems so huge and all encompassing when you’re in it – I honestly felt shocked and surprised when people outside it hadn’t even heard of the show. When my friends asked me what I had been up to this summer and then they all stared at me blankly when I said “Just KinnPorsche,” I’m not gonna lie it felt so surreal. They had zero idea what I was talking about. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? Do we really live in the same world?

So this is for all of you who were outside the fandom, in another dimension just minding your own business completely oblivious to the chaotic united force of one gay show from Thailand.

But first things first.

To really get why this show reduced so many people into gleeful idiots – we must dive into The Lore. Cause this show has some serious history and unbelievable gossip.


The foundational lore of KinnPorsche is the bedrock from whence the insanity begins.

This series is based on a web novel by Daemi (which I have not read) – and was originally picked up by the company Filmania and set to air sometime in the 2020-2021ish cycle.

The story revolves around two characters. Kinn who is establishing himself as the leader of the crime syndicate currently run by his father… and Porsche, who is a mischievous bartender and MMA fighter recruited to be Kinn’s new bodyguard. Kinn and Porsche. KinnPorsche. Dig it?

Now, here is where it gets interesting… as it was widely known by fans of the novel that the character Kinn was based on real-life jet-setter Mile Phakphum, who is famous in Thailand for singing, modeling, a bit of small gig acting, but mainly just for being a millionaire hottie.

And… yes.

Rumor has it when Mile found out they were turning the story into a series, he not only auditioned for the role but made sure Apo Nattawin auditioned for the role of Porsche. Mile had met Apo ten years ago, when they were both modeling, and in one interview he says he remembers seeing him at the gym and thinking he was the most attractive man he’d ever seen.

So basically Mile hand-picked who he was going to be making out with in this series.

And… good choice, Mile.

So let’s just let that little piece of gossip sink in.

The story itself is loosely based on an actual person… who then decided to audition for the role of “himself”… who also ensured his crush from a decade ago showed up and auditioned for his co-star.

It’s so juicy.

We can assume Mile is well known enough that people recognized him when he showed up – in particular the directors, writers, and staff. Can you imagine? He had little to no acting experience, so I doubt anyone was expecting him to waltz into the audition for the leading role.

Mile Phakphum & Apo Nattawin “auditioning”

Or they were totally expecting him… and everyone was just going through the motions of auditioning because appearances, appearances. I really don’t know and either way is a juicy detail to be savored in contemplating.

There is an interview (below) where Apo admits he hadn’t even read the scripts for the other characters – so we know he showed up specifically to audition for the role of Porsche. And Mile is just adorably smug and affable, as always, when talking about the character Kinn. I am fascinated by Mile, the person, as well as Kinn, the character – and how these two contradictory colors mesh so well.

Interview after both Mile & Apo were “Fast Tracked” to the final rounds of the auditions.

Compare this coy routine with his blatant admissions in later interviews before the World Tour announcement – where he accidentally calls himself out.

(images from Tumblr @x-exo-l)

However it all came about, Mile was cast as the lead character Kinn.

And Apo was cast as the leading charcter Porsche.

Bible Wichapas Sumettikul & Build Jakapan Puttha secured the supporting major roles of characters Vegas & Pete. Vegas is Kinn’s cousin and rival, and Pete is a top bodyguard who will help guide Porsche through his new job.

I love this interview of Bible talking about how he got the role of the antagonist Vegas because his face looks mean. It’s particularly charming…

– especially when Apo protests “nooooo!” as he’s rocking around on his chair.

(images from Tumblr @x-exo-l)

About a year after these major casting announcements…

Filmora released an astonishing 9 MINUTE TRAILER for the show. A teaser to get the fandom hyped.

It showed off the entire cast of crime families and bodyguards and featured a collection of key scenes that basically spelled out the plot for anyone who hadn’t read the novel yet. It looked campy and fun, with your standard “middle of the road” budget for Thai TV, with lots of action and hot guys in suits.

You certainly do not need to watch this old trailer unless you are just curious… as this entire version was scrapped and basically rebuilt from the ground up with a lot more money. I’m just sticking it in here for the curious fandom and for posterity…. cause it’s currently “unlisted” and can be tricky to find the link for.

The “Original” KinnPorsche The Series Trailer – Premiered Jan 8, 2021

The global pandemic, among other things, pushed the Filmora version of the series back until ultimately the company decided to shelf the project entirely.

KinnPorsche was dead in the water.

For a while, the fandom waited in limbo to find out what was happening with KinnPorsche. Was it really over? After all that work?

But soon it was announced a new production company, Be On Cloud, picked up the show and saved the drama from extinction.

On a side note…

A right side note.

The new company retained most of the cast but did not, however, save these particularly sexy restraints… which is a crying shame. I think I may have seen them hanging around in Vegas’ office with all his other fun toys…. it’s hard to say… there was a lot there… but they never made it onto Pete’s wrists in the show.

Oh well, that’s what fan fiction is for.

I was also particularly fond of that curled claw knife Kinn is wielding in the original trailer… and Kim did look extra sleazy and sassy with that ponytail… but other than that I wasn’t sorry to see any of it go.

Be On Cloud had its own ideas for how the story was going to be adapted.

Significant changes to the style, direction, and tone of the series were about to be made.

And here we have another round of juicy gossip to share.

The rumor mill has heavily suggested that Mile funded the company Be On Cloud (which was his small talent agency that suddenly transformed into a media production company, or so the tale is told) in order to save his beloved show. For a long while this was speculation until Mile all but announced he was the CEO of Be On Cloud during their world tour (more on the World Tour later, it’s wild stuff), unless that was a subtitle error (but… come on… it totally wasn’t).

Who knows how much of this is true – my sleuthing has only taken me so far – but if it is then I’m with the rest of the world in applauding the way this crazy rich guy has chosen to spend his money.

While waiting out the worst of the pandemic, the actors and show runners worked on their characters, the themes, and the overall direction of the show.

A few actors were replaced, for whatever reason, but overall the original cast remained.

It’s clear from all the behind the scenes footage and social media posts this group of actors have a great time together and have gotten really close over the past two years.

(images from Tumblr @zhaozi)

I personally think by this point everyone involved realized that KinnPorsche was a cult classic in the making.

It hadn’t even started and it was already so buzzy.

Undoubtedly the three directors should be given a Nobel prize for promoting world peace through their vision of an alternative universe full of horny gay mafia. And the cinematographer.

A lot of hard work went into this show and it all paid off.

Certainly all the actors really went above and beyond to bring their characters to life in this series. It’s rare to have a full cast like this, where every named character is well-known to the fans after only one season, even side characters with barely any dialogue (Erika!).

It’s also rare to have such casual intimacy between all the actors / characters.

I firmly believe this is linked specifically to Mile & Apo steering the ship.

Hear me out.

Both Mile and Apo had a nice stretch of time as male models and it shows in everything they do. Male models are not your typical muscled dudes. Male models understand aesthetics, they know how to work with the lighting and cameras, they are used to draping themselves around other men and holding a pose while makeup is reapplied. Male models can walk around in the craziest, goofiest, queerest, and most insane outfits you have ever seen with complete confidence.

Male models are not like us.

Male models are also much more accustomed to close interactions with gay people, as the fashion industry is still heavily loaded with the LGBT+ community. So when your incredibly attractive, muscular, confident male leads are not only super cool and comfortable with being physically close to men, both for the scenes and just in general, without feeling the need to “no homo!” everything, this rubs off on the other men. Call it herd mentality.

Comfort is contagious in that way (comfort is also the cure for homophobia, btw).

Anyways, if you keep the millionaire male-model tidbit in the back of your mind, you may not be surprised that Be On Cloud did not release a traditional trailer first. They were all about breaking the mold from the very beginning with this show.

Instead of a trailer, they dropped a promo video called “Hidden Messages” which was more like a fever dream photoshoot than anything else.

(stills from the Promo teaser The Hidden Messages)

It featured the two main characters, Kinn & Porsche, in an art house compilation of moving imagery featuring mirrors, swaying cameras, and haunting music. A narrator in English murmurs “The place that I long for… does not exist. In all of life there is a rhythm, and we are all connected.” It was like a music video. A promotion for designer perfume. It was all mood and emotion and abstract desires.

Seriously. Take a minute and watch this thing. It’s a whole vibe.

The Hidden Messages – KinnPorsche the Series – Premiered Aug 29, 2021

Clearly, this was going to be a very different show from whatever the original company had been doing. This new promo trailer of artistic nonsense reeked of money, style, and intrigue.

So back to our gossip.

By this time the fandom had the rumor mill churching on Mile & Apo (it’s still going strong, too – just type in “mileapo” into any social media app and it will freakin’ explode).

That video of their “intimacy’s workshop” had been circulating for a while, too.

Oh, have you not heard of the intimacy workshops?

Here’s another random link for posterity (there are videos of Apo taking the lead, too – and Bible & Build – this is the mess that was wrecking us before the show even came out! You can feel the freakin’ vibrations from these behind the scenes clips).

What is the nature of their relationship? Are they dating in real life? Why are they so freakin’ gorgeous together? How many times can I watch behind the scenes footage of hot guys kissing before I need to start questioning my mental health?

Be On Cloud, which loves nothing more than egging its fans on, decided to release a “behind the scenes” video of their concept promo video – which to this day still cracks me up. It’s just a few scenes of actors Mile & Apo standing around, hugging, and smiling at each other. Looking gorgeous.

This sort of teasing response to the fandom queries continued throughout the promotions, the airing of the episodes, and even now post-wrap up. Be On Cloud, always with a coy grin and a “Maybe?” response.

KinnPorsche – Teaser – Behind the Scenes Footage – Aug 31, 2021

They released three more of these surrealistic, moody promo videos in September of 2021.

These featured the bodyguard Pete… awash in blue… looking like a sexy priest in his black turtleneck, followed by a video featuring the slinky “villain” Vegas, awash in red while drinking wine naked in a bathtub… and finally, the “I Will Consume You” video where we learn Pete was in the bathtub too and they’re playing around with some power dynamics and turning each other on (and all of us in the audience) in the process.

Pete’s Message – KinnPorsche The Series – released Sep 4, 2021
Vegas: Incomprehensible Aspiration – KinnPorsche The Series – released Sep 7, 2021
KinnPorsche – I Will Consume You – released on Sep 17, 2021

The view counts on these teaser promo videos was insane.

And so the months rolled by while the new show was filmed.

The actors were posting on their social media accounts and we were getting all kinds of content from the official Be On Cloud twitter and such. Little reminders now and again that the show was still happening.

But as for an official trailer… an official release date? No one knew when that would drop.

Through the long wait we got some cheeky Christmas cards, a few cute casual promo videos and interviews, a Chinese New Year poster.

(images from Be On Cloud’s Twitter account)

Mile & Apo did nothing to slow down the fandom’s excitement over their pairing. Nearly every video, picture, or interview they were in during this time just threw fuel on the fire.

They basically came across like a smitten, giddy, gorgeous power-couple in everything… throughout the production until now, honestly. It’s hard not to believe the rumors, ya dig?

Anyways, while we waited… and waited… and waited… we got a few more crumbs.

2021 turned into 2022.

The pandemic seemed to subsiding.

We got some “leaked” photo stills in February. These were very exciting because… look at them! The artistry of the lighting, the locations, the sets… the nudity!

The film leaks calmed us down a bit while simultaneously revving us up.

Be On Cloud unleashed a video of Mile & Apo being adorable at a cat café, talking casually about the show for Valentines Day. And I don’t know who had this idea but they should get a raise cause… it was so dorky and adorable and cheesy and cute and I ate it up.

(images from Be On Cloud’s official Twitter account)

I mean…

it wasn’t much as far as news goes but at least it quelled our fears the show would not be canceled again or postponed indefinitely.

And suddenly…

like a long awaited miracle…

The official trailer of the reboot hit the internet…


KinnPorsche – Official Trailer – Premiered Mar 3, 2022

I know over 6 million people have watched this trailer, but I’m pretty sure I am responsible for at least half of the view count. 😉

The trailer revealed epic location shots, gorgeous cinematography, a huge cast, and even MORE obvious chemistry from the leading actors. The suits! The guns! The booty! This was going to be a sexy, high production value, “grown up” BL and everyone was hungry for it.

We got a timeline for the episodes.

Two weeks later they released an “uncut” version trailer…

Cause of course they did.

The second trailer had even more sexy scenes to lure us in… as well as some classic comedy scenes from the show.

KinnPorsche – Official Uncut Trailer – Mar 17, 2022

March rolled into April in a whirl of excitement.

We’re getting into full SPOILERS now… so heads up!

…. ready?

… spoilers in three…




KinnPorsche the Series finally premiered the first episode on April 2nd, 2022.

Full uncut episodes aired on iQIYI, titled as KinnPorsche: La Forte, so I purchased a subscription to yet another Asian streaming app just so I could watch this one show – and I have no regrets.

The subtitles weren’t perfection, but whatever.

And now a secretive side note.

Because I appreciate you reading this far – here is a gift for you. Go to Tumblr and find bloubliette. She’s got a drive with HD goodies with immaculate subtitles… if you catch my drift.

I had my HD episodes on the big screen and I rewatched them repeatedly each week with the rest of the fandom preparing for the next episode.

It was fun through April, started to pick up steam in May, and by June/July the fandom had gone feral.

The cinematography, the costumes, the setting, the unique characters – we were eating it up!

The show gave us everything.


I will go ahead and praise Be On Cloud for providing the fandom with some of the most delicious Behind the Scenes videos known to man. These not only gave us even more footage of our favorite scenes, but gave us sneak peeks into the friendships, dynamics, and hard work that was put into making this show a success.

These are the things that are lost if you binge a show.

When you’re consuming content one episode at a time, one week at a time, the fandom is forced to pace themselves.

It gives everyone time to digest, to ruminate, to create.

The behind the scenes footage videos were snacks that kept us at the table between meals. The actors posting content on their personal social media accounts, doing interviews, smiling secretively when asked about spoilers. It was all so delicious.

(Be On Clouds Behind the Scenes Footage)

Whether it was Apo fussing over Mile’s hair… or Build calling Mile “Daddy”… we were enraptured by what was going on between the actors as much as what was taking place with their characters on screen.

(Be On Clouds Behind the Scenes Footage)

Be On Cloud also gave us great bonus content… such as the side story between Episode 6 and Episode 7. In which Kinn recovers in the hospital and solidifies his relationship with Porsche, and Vegas attempts to plant a mini-camera hidden in some flowers in the room but is thwarted (cause our boy Vegas just doesn’t win in anything but love).

I was so entertained each episode.

I was even more entertained cruising around Youtube and Tumblr and Twitter and Instagram and eating up all the content being created and shared everywhere. Here’s just a sampling of the humor and love (remember you can click on any image to enlarge).

It was a vortex of happy fans around the world getting together online and collectively obsessing.

Language was no barrier.

We worked with images, translator tools, subtitles, music, and emojis.

The plot of KinnPorsche started layering up, characters started shifting around, a few key storylines kicked up the romances and everything just… worked.

No one was complaining, we were all too busy enjoying ourselves.

KinnPorsche gave us goofy antics, face smacking, lustful staring, kicking, clawing, molesting…

(images above from Tumblr – top row @suzteel, 2nd row @omarshanaa, 3rd row @dramaism, 4th row @julielilac, 5th row @hilema and @coldties, 6th row @wanderlust-in-my-soul)

This show trended nearly every week.

Towards the end of the series, it reached world wide trending on Twitter.


Tiktok was flooded. Youtube fan edits were everywhere, reaction videos, interviews, behind the scenes, and more. The Instagram accounts of the actors shot up like rockets. Needless to say, Tumblr fans had a field day with gif sets, jokes, and endless commentary. My favorite being the “text post edits” which if done properly are comedy gold. These are all from Tumblr @guzhu-furen and @startlinestarlight, both of which makes excellent text posts.

(image above from Tumblr @guzhu-furen)

(images above from Tumblr @startlinestarlight)

It was a rush.

A euphoric, horny rollercoaster that kept my attention for three and half months.

I still feel dazed and unsteady on my feet, like someone who just spent a year out to sea and is now trying to walk around on dry ground.

Listen, 2020-2021 were just really hard years. They started out on the heels of two major media disappointments (the Game of Thrones & Star Wars finales), then wiped us out with a global pandemic. Since then, I swear it’s just felt like being hit over the head repeatedly – with insane politics, worldwide protests, steep economic turmoil, dramatic turns in governments and policies everywhere you look, and loud but ultimately rather lifeless new media.

Sure, there have been a few silver linings, but come on… when’s the last time you really enjoyed being a super-fan of something?

(image from Tumblr @onstoryladders)

I needed KinnPorsche.

I think a lot of us did.

It made me feel more like myself again. It didn’t take itself overly seriously, it was just here to be a spectacularly good time. It was a big hug to its fans and gave us everything we wanted, without any dirty tricks or last minute revisions or seriously devastating loose ends.

It gave us what we all needed. A happy ending for our morally ambiguous crime lords.

(images from Tumblr @laurenkmyers)

So let’s talk about the actual show for a bit.


KinnPorsche is the story of families, both of blood relations and also found families. Ultimately, it’s a show about figuring out who you really are by loving others. What can I say? It’s a romance.

There are three main families in this story.

The Major Family. The Minor Family. And Porsche’s Family, aka The Lost Family.

The Major Family – Tankhun, Mr. Korn, Kinn, & Kim
The Minor Family – Macau, Mr. Gun, and Vegas
The Lost Family – Porsche & Porchay (Chay)

In addition to the three families we have…

The Bodyguards of the Major Family
Main Character Bodyguards – Arm, Pol, Big, & Ken
Our most precious Bodyguard Pete
The two best friends of Porsche – Jom & Tem
The two best friends of Kinn – Tay & Time

And that’s it, really.

There are a few other people of note, mainly the plucky bar owner Yok (played by Sprite Patteerat Laemluang).

More or less, those are the major players in the show.

The central protagonists/antagonists relationships are brothers Mr. Korn, head of the Major Family, & Mr. Gun, head of the Minor Family – and dragged along for the ride are their sons, born rivals Kinn & Vegas.

The Major Family is in charge, the Minor Family wants to be in charge, and the Lost Family just wants to survive. They all get into each others’ business and into each others’ pants.

That’s the plot.


What do we all want from a romance?

We want the rush of love. We want to suspend all disbelief and watch two people come together. We want excitement and passion, longing and lust, and some swoon worthy moments to fill in the romantic deficit most of us are operating in.

The BL Fandom wanted a Thai BL that didn’t feature teenagers or college kids. It was craving more adult content – and a new genre. In particular, the BL fandom was tired of watching shows where the leads can only muster embarrassing awkward kisses. You know, the kind of kissing you get between two dudes who are obviously not comfortable exchanging spit. We were over it!

In walks KinnPorsche.

This show gave us 3 Major Couples – with three different types of love.

  • The opposites attract, hormonal and emotional love of Kinn/Porshe.
  • The complicated and volatile relationship that developed between Vegas/Pete.
  • And the soft yet shady romance of naïve youth paired with someone older and more complicated that we got with Kim/Chay. (which I will not be writing about… fingers crossed for Season 2)

I ended up loving all three of these couples, and I only knew I wanted one of them.

Going into this show, all I knew I wanted was our main couple.

The title couple.

KINN & PORSCHE. So Good They Named a Show After Them.

Kinn, the serious hardcore mafia guy. The openly gay guy. The guy who plays ROCK every single time he plays Rock, Paper, Scissors. The man burdened to wear the crown.

And Porsche, the goofball bartender and MMA fighter. The Peter Pan of this story, who never grew up. The naïve, big hearted, sensitive borderline-alcoholic bisexual catastrophe.

I love a story of opposites.

One had an entire mafia extended family to contend with and care for while the other had only a baby brother to look after – and let’s face it, Porsche’s baby brother was nearly grown and about the leave the nest anyways. Kinn, controlled by his father, and Porsche, a father-less wildcard who hasn’t had any one discipline him or control him years. We got a mafia man who always remains aloof and guarded, and an oddball who says whatever comes to his mind and farts openly in the bed while giggling about it. One who withholds his emotions and one who is an open book, letting every single emotion he feels jump across his features for all to see.

They were a perfect set.

I knew these two hotties – who basically hated each other for a few episodes – where going to end up in bed together and I was all on board to see how they got there.

And holy sheeeeeple did they take us there. From smoldering looks to guarded flirting to unstable mishaps with booze and drugs… we watched them dance around each other, through hours of the push and pull of their attraction, until it finally exploded all over the screen and seeped into our hearts and soaked our undergarments.

Another Side Note.

I personally appreciated the story lines involving booze, drugs, and questionable “consent” because this felt extremely realistic to me. There is a chunk of time in many people’s lives where getting blitzed and getting laid seem to go hand and hand – and yeah, there are always a lot of lingering questions the next day, especially when or both of you can’t properly remember everything that happened.

We’ve come a long way as a society with our discussions on consent.

But as with all things, there are a million shades of gray to this topic – and this show gave us some (super sexy) examples of that… and addressed it not by preaching at us but by showing us the very real aftermath these questionable situations had on our characters and their relationships and mental health. Watching them both go through it was more informative and valuable to me than having some narrator-type character come in and spell out the moral lesson of the day.

This show ain’t about morals anyways.

This show is about horny mafia dudes.

This show is wild.

Kinn & Porsche are wild.

Mile & Apo were wild in the interviews talking bout it.

The whole thing was just… wild.

(images above from Tumblr @soft-husbands)

I mean… I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this on screen before.

The joyous sexuality of these two is a spectacle you can’t take your eyes off of it.

The fearlessness of it.

The exuberance!

The lack of any shame or embarrassment or hesitation.

There was no sense that this is a “scene” because the two men were so in the moment, so focused on each other, so in character – that the whole thing felt voyeuristic, as if you were witnessing real life instead of a scripted tv show.

You’ll notice almost all of their scenes are one take – with two camera angles.

These boys got it right in one take, you hear me?

Mile & Apo as Kinn & Porsche were steering this ship and all the directors had to do was sit back and enjoy the smooth sailing. I guess it’s easier to feel comfortable in your skin when you’re a male model, but sheesh. It’s no wonder everyone thinks these two were boning in real life.

I mean… I may have passed out briefly when he licked his face… things got a little fuzzy for me…

(image from Tumblr @soft-husbands)

These actors are having an absolute blast with these characters and it’s impossible to deny it. They are playful and giddy like two teenagers in love, both on screen and off screen. Their chemistry is magnetic and you can see it from space.

Maybe they aren’t lovers in real life, I don’t really care one way or another, but they have that rare physical pull.

Some people are just drawn to each other. They can’t stop smiling, laughing, swaying, bouncing around one other.

(images above from Tumblr @coldties)

Cause that’s love, isn’t it? Happiness. Disbelief. Your hands can’t stop touching. Is this real? You need physical confirmation. Your eyes follow them everywhere. Euphoric. Hungry. Compelled.

It’s the unique blend of adoration mixed with desire. You can feel all the endorphins popping in their brains just from watching this show. And it makes your brain’s endorphins start vibrating, too. Like… it just stops time or something.

(images from Tumblr @devildrusje)

They were FIRE, I tell you.

If nothing else, watch it for Kinn & Porsche.

And then keep watching it for Vegas & Pete.

VEGAS & PETE. Pairing Up Demons and Angels.

I’d seen the promo videos, so I knew something was going to go down with Pete & Vegas.

But as I was watching the show, I swear I forgot about it.

I was too swept up in Kinn & Porsche and their mess. It wasn’t until these small scenes started to sneak in with Pete & Vegas that I remembered they were going to hook up… or something… I dunno… I mean, something was going on in that bathtub, right?

Again, let me stress that I did not read the webnovel.

But I was online – and everyone was murmuring about it. Especially after the temple scene and the back to booty molesting of our goofy, cute bodyguard Pete. Vegas was looking at him like he was going to eat him alive in that scene and we all noticed.

I knew the gist of what was coming if they stuck to the source material. Kidnapping. Torture. Rape. And an unlikely romance. (We got all that except the rape, thank goodness. It was downgraded to casual molestation.)

When the Vegas/Pete story line kicked in – everyone lost their shit.

We were invested in this show by this point – and ready for something… different.

There was just… something about them.

The way the two actors played off each other.

The quiet intensity of their guarded personalities.

The pathetic nature of their circumstances.

The dangerous and tense situations they were in.

The kinks that were triggering their desires.

All of this lead to some very compelling romance.

And it took me by surprise.

Listen, I already loved Vegas.

Everyone in the fandom loved Vegas.

He was so slinky, so gorgeous, so striking, so devious. Who doesn’t love a good villain?

Bible Wichapas, who played Vegas, is just… stunning to look at it.

That bone structure can not be denied. He also has an expressive face and is able to morph between emotional states at an alarming rate – which only adds to the mercurial, sociopathic nature of his character.

And he’s always running around the show wearing slinky little tops with half the buttons undone. He’s nothing but a million mad schemes. Flirting, teasing, taunting, killing, screaming, pouting, running off in a rage only to resurface again later with the calm demeanor of a painted saint.

(images from Tumblr @tirpse)

The relationship between Vegas and Pete built up so subtly.

Which is not surprising, as Pete was actually a very subtle character.

He’d been in the story all along, but unlike Vegas who stood out, Pete tended to blend into the background more. But he was always there. Playing with his roommate Porsche, offering advice or sharing a meal. Managing Tankhun. Carrying out missions for the bosses, beating people up and gunning down enemies. Training with the bodyguards or getting drunk and dancing with them.

(images from Tumblr @dramaism)

Our trusty bodyguard Pete was assigned to tail Vegas – not once, not twice, but three times. And he got caught every single time. He may be a great bodyguard, but our boy is a terrible spy.

On the flip side of that, turns out catching Pete is the one thing Vegas is really good at. And feeling him up while making merits in temples and while chained to posts and while suspended from ropes and chains in his bedroom. Hashtag Skills.

(ZoomDara interview – english subs by holybibs)

Little Pete with his cute straight bangs and his huge boyish grin. Who knew he’d be the perfect compliment to our deranged yet charmingly pathetic villain Vegas?

(FAKE SUBTITLES images from Tumblr @OOvi)

Pete was adorable and had been comic relief thus far.

So when Vegas stripped him down and tied him to a pole in the basement, it was like I was seeing this character for the first time.


I was not expecting that.

Episode 10 was a lot to take in already but that ending…

And what we jumped into in Episode 11…

(images from Tumblr @wanderlust-in-my-soul)

I was not prepared, ya’ll.

Suddenly our little smiling obedient bodyguard is screaming and yelling and panting and there’s all kinds of mysterious emotions flickering through his eyes while Vegas beats him, teases him, threatens his damn grandmother in one second and licks up his neck the next.


And it was crack.

(images from Tumblr @vegastheerapanyakul)

It was sooooooooooooo fun to watch.

I had just calmed down a bit over Kinn & Porsche – who were now in their honeymoon phase and blow drying each others’ hair, and suddenly the show is rolling out this new couple?

And that’s the best part, too, cause we all wanted them to get together.

For… reasons.

It’s complicated, okay?

But we did!

We wanted to see slinky evil Vegas fall in love with the loyal bodyguard of his enemy.

What can I say? They were electric together – locked up in a fancy “safe house” mansion… with hedgehogs in bird cages and giant bolt cutters laying around within reach of your “prisoner.” There was so much more going on between them than your typical hostage situation. It wasn’t Stockholm Syndrome. And it wasn’t quite your typical BDSM situation either. It wasn’t a “good” guy with a “bad” guy.

(images from Tumblr @julililac)

These boys were complicated.

They had issues, complimentary issues, and they were somehow resolving those issues together in this totally surreal situation they’d gotten themselves into.

Watching them play a bizarre, kinky game of “house” together under the glow of colored neon lights was exactly what I needed during Pride Month, okay?

They were a glorious disaster. But they also really worked.

What they have between them is more internal, in their minds, whereas with Kinn & Porsche it’s much more external and physical. I will be the first to admit their sex scene was a strange, disjointed (but ultimately still very sexy and soft) catastrophe of edits. It’s like the editor had 37 takes to string together and after an hour of trying had a full nervous breakdown and just started cutting and pasting bits of film at random. I’m not saying it bothered me, necessarily, but I will say that I think this is the one area they may need to put a little more work into if we get a second season. And I’m gonna need some tongue, boys… watch some Japanese BL for inspiration.

The finale episode of this show WORE ME OUT – and it’s 100% because of what was going on with Pete and Vegas, on opposite sides of the fight, fighting against themselves, fighting against the roles they are playing – I mean, I was so tense and worked up over these idiots I nearly had a panic attack watching the finale.

And then that whole bit by the pool?!!!


Seriously, I was in shock for a good fifteen minutes cause this mess.

Which is all forgiven because in the post-credit scene we were treated to this spectacularly soft romantic moment and resolution to their story. Pete gripping Vegas’s arm, Macau pulling himself against Pete, Vegas kissing them both on the face.

(image from Tumblr @earthmix-myonethousandstar)

I still sigh heavily and get emotional thinking about it. I mean… here are these newly orphaned brothers and this newly unemployed bodyguard… and they just dogpile together into this adorable, loving new family unit – futures uncertain but certainly facing it as one.

My Grinch heart exploded into a thousand rainbow sparkles.

I may never recover from what this show did to me… both hormonally and emotionally.


There are so many other things I could talk about.


The unresolved mysteries. What’s up with those metaphor beta fish, Mr. Korn? Is daddy Chan really dead? Can I sign up to be the next lady in the attic who sits around in summer dresses all day making art?

Tankhun, my Queen! I must know more about his kidnapping! Is he faking it? What shows is he watching now and can I come over to watch with him?

Kim and Chay. What’s going on with Kim Possible and his murder board? Will Chay go to college or will he just mooch off his brother’s extravagant crime lord bank account forever? Honestly, Chay, student loans are no joke… maybe you should just stick to your guitar and your mafia connections.

Tay and Time. Are they spies planted by Mr. Korn to watch out for his son? Can I borrow Tay… indefinitely? I just need him to accompany me everywhere and always be within my peripheral vision. I think I could ween myself off antidepressants if Tay played with my hair every night.

But this is already incredibly long and I desperately want to talk about the insanity of the World Tour.

But first another brief aside.

Another right side note.


Ya’ll. There is some epic fanfiction for this series. I don’t know if you are a fan of fanfiction or not… but let me say the writers of the fandom have been busy. Whether expounding on the existing couples, creating new pairings, or just taking the characters and putting them into entirely new scenarios – the fandom has had a blast typing out their fantasies. And I’ve had a blast reading some of them.

Here is one of my personal favorites on AO3 (Archive of Our Own)… a few sexy, sexy, so so sexy vignettes of Pete & Vegas called Love, I have wounds by cclodye.


And now…

For the wildest chapter yet in the KinnPorsche epic.

The completely bizarre, gloriously insane post-production, globe-trotting adventure known simply as…


How to describe what is currently happening with KinnPorsche (as of late July 2022)?

Let’s back up a minute.

Before the World Tour-Whatever-It-Is, there were the stage shows.

Be On Cloud decided what would be more fun than to watch the shows air on a big screen in a theater full of fans and the cast members? Maybe this is normal in Thailand, but it’s certainly the first time I have ever heard of such a promotional idea for a tv show.

They did all kinds of big full-cast events like this, and as their cast was full of people who had talents other than acting… it sort of expanded, perhaps organically, into a multi-media experience. Music was performed. Singing. Dancing. Guitars. Freakin’ saxophones. Q&A’s with fans and the media. Livestreaming. Photoshoots. You name it.

I noticed there were promos for a World Tour on Be On Cloud’s Twitter account, but wasn’t sure exactly what they were talking about.

I assumed it would just be an international press blitz, like they do for big blockbuster movies.

I was wrong.

I think before I get into what, exactly, the World Tour is… we should take a second to remind ourselves of who we are dealing with: A bunch of goofy dudes. Most of which are in their 20s. That’s important to remember when you think about the World Tour. KinnPorsche is just a bunch of goofy dudes who are all pretty good looking and definitely talented and currently basking in the adoration of millions of fans.

Plus the cast of this show genuinely seem to get along and enjoy spending time together.

Let us also remember that Be On Cloud is basically a tiny, niche startup company – so there are no rigid industry rules being shoved down their throats. I mean, it’s still a company and it’s main goal is still to make money, but also… is it? You can also think of it as band camp, or drama camp, if you want to… and I don’t think that is too far off from the truth.

There was a press conference… in which some sort of semblance of what the World Tour would be was presented to the media. There would be singing. There would be dancing. There would be… stripping, apparently, as several cast members happily shed their tops on stage. I don’t think anyone in the fandom really cared too much what would be on stage as long as the actors were all there.

So maybe originally it was going to be a press junket type thing and just evolved over time… or maybe it was always going to be the batshit crazy nonsense that it is. But what it certain is that no one saw it coming. And now we can’t look away.

The tickets to the first few shows sold out almost immediately once they were released. Fans crammed inside an arena and waited. Fans unable to attend in person bought tickets to watch the livestream from home. We waited with baited breath… and the KinnPorsche World Tour pranced onto the stage and…


How to explain?

I dare you to explain.

(images collected off Twitter in a neurotic frenzy, comment with sources if you know)

I mean…

It’s absolutely a bunch of dudes just going hog wild on stage.

Sure, it’s organized enough to pass for a show… but it’s also clearly a bunch of dudes mucking about and having a blast, completely unconcerned about how ridiculous it might be. They are 100% in the moment, feeding off the energy of the fans, smiling and grinding and singing and crying openly in front of thousands and thousands of people because they’re just grateful and happy and emotional and young and bulletproof in the moment.

I really think we all need take a moment to appreciate the costumes, too. And how devastatingly ethereal and handsome and sexy and tacky and wonderful these boys look in them.

If Brittney Spears and the Phantom of the Opera had baby boys, they would share this aesthetic.

(images from Be On Cloud’s official Twitter account)

It’s what would happen if you married Jem and the Holograms to the Vampire Lestat in the movie Queen of the Damned.

It’s vain to deny it!

Your honor, I’m just a simple ho, ill-equipped to handle this much sparkle.

And yet I want more!

Pete in that wine colored velvet suit makes me want to die, I tell you!

Listen, the World Tour is spectacular nonsense.

And I will hear no criticisms about it.

It’s exactly how this wild ride should end – with an explosion of cringe and chaos and confetti.

I guess all there is to do now is rewatch Season 1 until they announce Season 2.

Do I even need a second season of this show?


I’m actually fine with how it ended.

But KinnPorsche, as I’ve been saying all this time, is all about giving the fandom what it wants.

We may not need it, but I think I can safely say we all want it.

We do.


A final humorous Side Note.

Did you guys see that the fans missed KinnPorsche so badly after it aired they actually got the fake Episode 15 trending online the next Saturday? I am still giggling over that nonsense. That’s peak fandom bullshittery and I love and support these crazy fools…. as clearly I am one of them.

This show, ya’ll.

I’m gonna miss it.

Thank you for attending my TedTalk.

28 thoughts on “KinnPorsche : The Horniest Show on Earth – A Review

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  3. This is the most beautiful review ever. To say you poured your soul into it is an understatement 🙂 I don’t think I have ever read anything this long to the end, thank you for the detail and the laughs.
    I just discovered BL less than a week ago and KP along with it. I feel like I fell into a parallel world of some sort. Here’s my best line in this review. It’s how you perfectly described Porsche: “The naïve, big-hearted, sensitive borderline-alcoholic bisexual catastrophe”.

  4. WHAT. A. MEGAPOST. of KinnPorsche! This has been so fun and entertaining to read and look at. Your enthusiasm has me hyped. Thank you for the ‘if you’ve made it this far’ lifeline and I’m ready to be as charmed and giggly for this show as I am by the actors.

    BTW have you given “Love in the Air” a watch? It came on my radar as my FYP decided Phayu is the son of Vegas & Pete.

    • I had to re-subscribe to iQIYI just to start watching Love in the Air – which is not even very good but I’m hooked on Phayu… hahahahaha… shamelessly a slut for a cliche bad boy.

      • You’re aware that you don’t need any subscription and to pay to watch whatever you want? All the shows are available for free ..

  5. Amazing review I loves it except for the VegasPete part. You’re wrong when you said “ all of us” and speaking on behalf of everyone because many of us didn’t like that relationship. It was rushed, they barely have an chemistry and the sex scene was so embarrassing it made me cringe, even their kisses are awkward . I don’t even get all the hype about it to the point to prefer them to Kinn & Porsche.. it’s beyond me lol
    I mean you can’t even compare BibleBuild to MileApo. They aren’t close and no one will ever come close.
    They way you talked about KinnPorsche intimate and sex scenes, all the beautiful things you said about them , all the sexy and hot pictures and gifs I couldn’t stop reading, I was sure that for you they were the ultimate couple but then you brought up VegasPete and you make them and their story look as amazing as KinnPorsche .. too bad!
    MileApo supremacy! No else is half as good 😀

  6. Wow, what a review. The best complete review of KP.
    OMG they have ticket for online view for the world tour?
    Why didn’t i hear about this…miss the chances TT_TT

  7. Hello, I’m a Korean fan of Kinnporsche the series.
    I enjoyed reading it because there were many things that I could relate to.
    I found this article while looking for materials about camp culture after watching Kinnporsche concert.
    The affection and accurate analysis of the fandom culture were impressive.
    I was especially impressed by the camp aesthetics that you organized about KP world tour.
    I wanted to help people understand that, so I translated this article into Korean and posted it on my blog.
    I’m sorry I didn’t ask for your permission in advance.
    I marked the link and source of this text.Thank you for writing a good review.

    • I love this! It is quite a Herculean task, as there is so much colloquialism, slang, and nonsense throughout the review (especially the tumblr posts). You are very impressive!

  8. I laughed so hard reading your take on the whole KinnPorsche thing that I cried and had to stop reading about a dozen times. I especially loved all the Tumblr content since I don’t do Tumblr (I do have to leave time for a job). I agree with you about VegasPete. What a glorious f’d up mess those two are. We love them because they are stand-ins for all the trauma in our lives and how it’s messed with us. It allows us to visit that dark place inside we don’t want to acknowledge is there. But that pair pours balm on the pain for a moment, before ripping the scab off once more. Yet we remember that momentary feeling of bliss and know that healing might truly be possible with that one person who can experience and know our pain, the pain that no one else could see, understand, or free us from. VegasPete gives us what no other couple in KinnPorsche the series could, powerful catharsis.

  9. It’s actually my second time ( or is it third) rereading this fantastic review and laughing like mad . I was a Filmania era patient but eager suffering fan back in 2021 (the water park teaser sealed it for me) .
    Everything you write about the show and about the fandom is sooo true , it’s the wildest mess I have ever been a part of , no regret whatsoever. It has made me subscribe to reddit, Instagram , Youtube and other sm after years of resisting , post all sort of stuff, pester my family to have them watch the show with me, write to the Embassy of Thailand ( don’t ask), work out how to buy a ticket for the Live rerun with my bank , and beg my daughter who has moved to Germany for a Deutsche Bank keyring .
    I stan ALL the actors and the characters they play, Chan, Yok and Erika included (well, maybe not the lame guy who plays the Italian mafia boss, whose name is kept carefully hidden from the collective scorn ) , and I just love that they let us feel we are part of one big crazy family.
    I lap up all the interviews and edits and lives ,whatever the language ( Chinese, Korean, Peruvian Spanish, sometimes I dont even identify the country ) . I ‘ve tried to wean from it but to no avail. Instead I keep writing reviews in French or English , I comment and spread the words of love and solace and admiration. On Twitter some of the shippers can be ferocious, but mostly KP fans are rather mature and respectful of others.
    I believe Kinn Porsche became an instant classic from episode 1. For all its flaws it gave us, in your own words , what we wanted and so much more we never knew we needed.
    And yes, it gave us Vegas Pete. I can die happy now that I have seen Bible’s act dancing on “Come Together”. Which is the perfect title to sum up what KP stands for.

    • Girl, same! Well… I haven’t written the Embassy but ya know… 😉

      I’ve also succumbed to BLs now – and K-POP. KinnPorsche was truly a gateway drug to exploring more Asian media.

      • I imagine you have watched Not Me. If not, you really ought to give it a try.

        Also, I suppose you have seen Love In The Air by now. MeMindY put the uncensored very intimate scene of episode 4 on YT. It’s been unofficially voted the best BL love scene ever.

  10. I’ve just recently ventured into BL drama in Live Action and after watching Kinn and Prosche , I was wondering what took me so long and why didn’t I stumbled upon it few months before while the whole frenzy was live. After watching the show i had so much going on in my head and heart but no one to share it with and your article gave me that space to recap and calm my heart revisiting it in a conversational way. I must say thankyou for putting so much effort and putting this scrapbook for us to revisit and get closure.

    • Honestly, the quality of live action BL shows is on the rise – so you picked a very good time to get into it. Thank you for leaving a comment – it means a lot!

  11. Sorry if this posts twice!

    First off, you are an utter and complete queen for putting this together. I discovered KP over the new year and to say I’m invested is an understatement. This show is JUICY on its own but the DRAAAAAMAAAA HONEEEEY!

    A couple of q’s:

    1) so… I know you explained the world tour but like… what is the world tour?! 😂 More importantly, does it ever have plans of coming to America? Is there a way an American can buy the livestreams? YouTube isn’t enough! 😂 😂 😭

    2) I wasn’t big on Pegas (I love tweeted “Pete won’t stop crying and Vegas won’t stop being a psychopath!”) but that last ep and the mini scene with Macau got me. Though how is that ever supposed to last, ha! That’s why we need a 2nd season! 😂 That wasn’t really a question and neither is

    3) thoughts on Jeff Satur? If you have any info about the music he contributed and just his involvement overall. I’m so intrigued and mostly bc everyone is weirdly silent on the matter. He seemed to be the most known at that point and he’s been in other BL dramas but Idk!

    You’re amazing, thanks for all of your work on this. It’s truly exceptional!

    • Dear American guy,

      1 First I assume you know that BOC has its own channel on Youtube with a lot of contents.

      2 World Tour was announced by BOC during an event called Press Conference on June the 7th ( YT, Twitter)
      They announced the venues and dates for Asia in Fall.. they hinted at other ulterior stops in the Americas and Europe, but this was never mentioned afterwards and many of us think it will not happen because of the high cost and other issues.
      I was lucky enough to buy a ticket for the Bangkok Live Rerun in July, but I also wanted to see the other shows, as the contents varied slightly from country to country. You can actually find plenty of extracts online, but I doubt you’ll have the whole show. The one in Bangkok was four hours long, it took me TWO codes to watch it till the end. Mind you, the Slot machine mini concert was included.

      3 I am not sure why you say people are silent about Jeff Satur. I find his fans very vocal and he is often discussed in KP forums and comments, with links to his vids.
      Of course there’s “why don’t you stay”, which arenas packed with crying fans would belt out at the end of the Tour shows. Once again, there’s plenty of content and info online.

      4 KinnPorsche fans keep the flame burning in many social media. I don’t do Tik Tok and Tumblr, but there is a very active KP sub-thread on reddit.

      • I see! I think it’s more that people didn’t really seem to talk about Jeff’s background or experience, but I have started finding more of his fandom online.

        At the time I wrote this I didn’t know BOC had a YT and I do now, but I mostly watch the fan edits and clips. I also found the KP Reddit! I have friends at Netflix so I’m begging them to stream KP, I hope they do. I need them in US!

        Thanks again, you’re brilliant!

      • I would love to see more BL dramas on US Netflix. KinnPorsche, My Beautiful Man, Love in the Air, I Told the Sunset About You, Bad Buddy, My School President. But what would also be cool is if Netflix would put money behind some of the smaller shows and remake them as full seasons… like Choco Milk Shake or Long Time No See. I would cut off a finger to see these shows fleshed out into a full length series!

    • Hey – sorry I haven’t had time to get back to your questions.
      1. – the world tour is just a promotional vehicle for the new company and actors – and a cash stream. Kinda like how most musicians rely on their tours for money in this day and age of pirated media and “free” streaming. I also think it’s just a really brilliant innovation to reach a wider audience. I hope they come to the USA too!
      2. – you never have to like all the couples in a series to enjoy it, so don’t fret. Vegas X Pete weren’t for everyone, but I certainly enjoyed them. As for a season two – I would be more interested in developing a full story line around the “younger” characters at this point – Macau and Chay (and whomever they may pair these two up with!). Hopefully some ladies in the mix, too.
      3. – Jeff is a huge star. I didn’t write about his relationship with Chay in the review cause I just didn’t want to make the already crazy long review even longer. Plus… it was such a nice side story… sometimes you don’t want to spoil everything.

      I would suggest you join us over on Tumblr to get your fandom in full swing. It’s easier to manage than reddit and twitter, which tends to lean towards the more neurotic and negative. I would start with just following the KinnPorsche tags. Maybe add My School President or any other BL you really enjoy. Block all the porn bots that try to follow you. Follow people who put out content or engage in the platform. Don’t forget the joys of putting messages into your tags when you reblog for the original post person to read (we love reading random tag messages and jokes). Anyways – Tumblr is also a great way to “preview” new shows – seeing the actors and key moments on your time line, seeing what has everyone in a frenzy or what seems to die out quickly… this helps me save time, as if the show can’t get the happy fandoms of Tumblr excited then I’m not going to waste hours of my life watching it when there are so many others.

      Hope that helps! Glad you enjoyed the review – and please check back in for more reviews or to suggest a series for me watch, I love the feedback!

  12. I am very late to this party and so missed all the fandom deliciousness last year, so your review was EXACTLY what I was looking for – someone to shriek with about this show (which I have watched in two days….)!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for compiling the ultimate “you missed it at the time but you don’t have to miss out on the joy” review – you are sensational.

    • Awww – thank you so much! I’m always so happy to hear about new people discovering this show. It was so unique and undoubtedly will be long remembered as a cornerstone of modern BL shows. 🙂

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