2022 Reviews… but really just KinnPorsche.

So, I’ve watched quite a few Korean dramas over the last few months but none of them made me immediately run to the keyboard to write a review. There’s a few that I’ve been stewing over and will probably cover in more depth… but for now… a quick summary:

  • All of Use Are Dead – Rating: 10/10. Unexpectedly amazing.
  • Money Heist: Korea – Rating: 8/10. Good but was annoyed it wasn’t a complete series.
  • Romance is a Bonus Book – Rating: 9/10. How did I miss this gem of a show for so long? Classically good K-drama.
  • Tomorrow – Rating: DNF. I wanted to like it… but it was just so dull.
  • Twenty-Five Twenty-One – Rating: 8/10. Loved the first half… then it meandered a bit… then lost me at the end.
  • Business Proposal – Rating: 7/10. Cute. Nothing new.
  • Our Beloved Summer – Rating: 8.5/10. Excellent, a bit like an indie romance, could have been stronger but still a strong tea of a romance.
  • Our Blues – Rating: DNF. I might get around to finishing it this summer… possibly.
  • My Liberation Diary – Rating: 8/10. Not quite as good My Mister but definitely wanted to compete… a depressing examination of the disillusionment of adulthood and floundering through life.
  • The Sound of Magic – Rating: DNF. I should have watched the trailer cause I was not vibing with a musical.
  • Juvenile Justice – Rating: DNF. Meh. I like the premise but wasn’t sold on the execution of this story.
Seriously, though, All of Use Are Dead had no business being as good as it was! I thought we’d all collectively overdosed on zombie media, but nope… here comes South Korea once again beating the odds by making a zombie program unlike any other zombie program by using the magic of quality character development!

Currently, I’m watching Alchemy of Souls (meh) and Tale of the Nine-Tailed (also meh). But really, there’s only one show from Asia that is truly captivating the web. I mean… is there any other show even on right now? Cause all I see on my socials is a billion gif sets and memes and giddy gushing of fans who are obsessed – OBSESSED, I tell you – with the Thai BL drama KinnPorsche.

So… KinnPorsche review coming soon! The final episode aired yesterday and I am still high as a kite on the endorphins. Rarely has my fangirling heart been so richly rewarded by a show.


What are you all watching this summer?

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